Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday The Thirteenth



    ************************* Excerpt from the article - the whole thing is worth a read.*********************

    And so, during his press conference this week, Trump turned desperately to the idea that he’s too smart to be caught on a hidden camera, and therefore would think before doing such a thing. Except that this is the same man who, even though he knew he was wearing a mic on the way to an “Access Hollywood” taping, didn’t give a moment’s thought to the possibility that it was on before he launched into a lengthy monologue on the pleasures of sexual assault. And the same man who made fun of a reporter with a visible disability, before a bank of television cameras. We know he’s careless. There’s no use denying it.

    1. And let's not forget that he's quite a germophobe! Like Howard Hughes...

      I see that he has ordered the general in charge of security for the inauguration to leave his post immediately upon His Orangeship taking [and violating] the oath of office--ditto all political appointee ambassadors. No telling how this is going to end, but it is not going to end well. One wonders what sort of effect it might have on Theresa May and Marina LePen. [BTW, Marina has a very decent campaign slogan--unlike HRC.]


    2. Are you serious? All these officers are simply to drop what they are doing and walk off the job the moment that monster has taken the oath of office? That's insane!

      I mean, I knew he was insane, but that is utterly mind blowing. Not going to end well is, I fear, the understatement of the century, my dear Alan.

      I see Congress has already begun work on dismantling ObamaCare. God help us all!

  2. That was definitely the money paragraph. Thanks for bringing it here. Bookmarked. #goldengate. . . .

  3. I hope everyone saw Listener's fantastic letter on the previous thread!