Friday, September 30, 2016

Time's Up, September!


  1. I've said for long that our Greens can't get together to set up so much as a meeting, lol! Here's proof:

    West Virginia (5)
    Castle’s candidacy is in court.
    Hillary Clinton — Democrat
    Gary Johnson — Libertarian
    Jill Stein — Mountain
    Donald J. Trump — Republican
    Darrell Castle — Constitution

    1. It's not very different out here, puddle.

  2. Only eight states allow unrestricted write-in candidates

    The good news is, if you live in Vermont, Oregon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Alabama, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island, you can literally write in anybody's name on the presidential ballot, and it will count -- thereby effectively taking away a vote from a major party candidate, and potentially having a real impact on the outcome of the election.

    Copied from the interwebs.

    1. Question: should I vote for Pogo or Cthulu?

      No, not Cthulu. Vote for the lesser evil after all.

  3. I spent a lot of time yesterday making long-delayed political contributions before the end-of-quarter deadline. Mostly those endorsed by the Council for a Livable World, which I have supported for decades. Also checked out others who have been emailing me regularly. Project Vote Smart turned out not to be very helpful for challengers but useful for incumbents. As was Wikepedia, which told me that a couple of the Congresspeople who have been asking for money were in quite safe districts. And one Senator won't be up for reelection until 2018. I also gave $50 to Hillary, but that's no more than I gave to most of the Senate candidates I'm supporting. (I've been making monthly contributions to Russ Feingold and to Tammy Duckworth here in Illinois.)

    Quite a bit of on-deadline work today, so I'm still scrambling to catch up on email.