Saturday, July 23, 2016



  1. The Millennial Revolt Against Neoliberalism [Click]
    "It is a coalition, in short, that has great potential, one that can transcend the successes or failures of individual politicians. As Matt Karp and Shawn Gude have written, though the Sanders campaign has effectively come to an end, 'class politics isn't going anywhere.'"

    Well, I hope so. But I am tired and impatient. Guess I'll start a recurring contribution to Jill Stein now.


    1. He couldn't have done much more for Stein if he had actually endorsed her.

      Also, Clinton hasn't even had her coronation, er, nomination party yet, and she's announcing her running mate? Presumptive, nothing. Try presumptuous, and arrogant and totally self-involved and... Forget it. I don't need to raise my blood pressure.

  2. Listener, nice answer on the last thread to the 'a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote' line of bullsh!t. No doubt Massachusetts will go for Clinton in the general as it did in t he primary, so my vote doesn't matter. I'd like to think Stein will carry the western, more progressive part of the state, but even that's not a sure thing. It makes me sick! Don't suppose there's still any chance of her being sent to jail between now and the election? Though, come to think of it, why should a small matter of being in the pen stop her being elected. Seems to me there was an Illinois governor who was re-elected from the pen.

    Think I'll go back to my music. It's a whole lot better for my frame of mind. Been listening to a lot of Dickie Valentine and Malcolm Roberts recently.

  3. Wikileaks Emails Showed DNC Officials Mocked Sanders Campaign [Click]
    The leaks come at an awkward time given the start of the Democratic National Convention next week, where Sanders is scheduled to speak.

    WikLeaks said that this release was part one of the group’s new “Hillary Leaks series.”

    Drip, drip, drip…


    Sen. Tim Kaine made his debut as Hillary Clinton’s running mate at Florida International University, “taking the stage with the soon-to-be Democratic presidential nominee in bilingual Miami so that he could show off his Spanish,” the Miami Herald reports.

    Said Kaine: “Bienvenidos a todos. We’re going to be compaƱeros del alma.”

    Michael Tomasky: “Holy crap. He killed it. I’m not trying to spin you. I’m sitting here in shock. Shock. Tim Kaine was unbelievable.”

    Mr. Tomasky seems to need something more powerful than mere Valiium. Maybe some Oxycontin as well? A politician makes a political speech and he goes gaga? Or maybe Mr. Tomasky considers Spanish an exotic foreign language and figures everyone who speaks it is the same? Or that merely speaking Spanish will attract the votes of latinos?


    1. Maybe they're down in FL to try to shore up Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I hope that, if that's the case, it's completely ineffective. She NEEDS to be replaced by Tim Canova. I am so disgusted by the level of corruption and manipulation in the UNDemocratic Party I can hardly breathe.

      My neighbor came over and took a photo of my "nope/noper" sign to send to his sister. He's a noper too, and I hope to see lots of those signs sprouting up in yards around the country before November.

    2. Yeah, Susan, a part of me would love to see None Of The Above win.Of course, then it would be thrown into the House, and one shudders to think what *they'd give us, probably something that would make Trump look human and sane.

      I *really* wanna get the hell out'a here! Canada, England...possibly Pluto!

    3. I obviously haven't seen the whole speech, but I've heard that Kaine is an exceptionally persuasive speaker. So I hear, he is especially good at ripping his opponent to shreds without himself ever abandoning a tone of sweet reasonableness. Maybe just what's needed to take care of Trump?

  4. Living next to VA for 20 years, I've only sensed very nice stuff about Kaine. I also get strong vibes of honest, honorable, kind, caring. . . . Don't suppose that Jesuit connection has hurt him in the intellectual department, either.

  5. Elsewhere someone pointed out that had Bill Clinton done this to Chelsea, there'd be congressional hearings:

  6. Cat--It is my contention that when someone says "don't throw your vote away," what they mean is "please throw your vote away on MY choice of candidate."

    I haven't been able to set up a limited-time regular donation to Jill Stein, but it HAS been a little while since I sent Tim Canova some love. Maybe that is a good thing to do this evening, after I murder some weeds. It has been hot here today, but the shadows are getting long.


  7. Today was the annual Disability Pride Parade. Hot and muggy, but a nice breeze and actually rather pleasant sitting in the shade selling T-shirts.

    Today was also Penny's birthday, but she chose not to go out to celebrate.