Sunday, July 24, 2016

Time to Blog!


  1. Woot! For Goodness!

    Is that your local public library, listener? Very nice!

    I sent Tim Canova some love just now; here is a message I got from the Jill Stein campaign. BTW, they don't take PayPal because PayPal donations don't count toward federal matching funds.--Alan
    The Jill Stein $1Million
    Clean Money Challenge…

    We did it!

    We Reached $505,635 in Donations to qualify for
    $1Million in 1:1 Matching Funds In 10 Days!

    Dear Alan,

    I wanted you to hear it from me first: we blew past our goal of $500,000 in donations eligible for 1:1 federal matching funds--for a total of $1 million!

    We started out with the goal of raising that $500,000 in matchable funds in 25 days.

    Thanks to you and thousands of others like you, we did it in just 10 days.

    And that’s amazing!

    This sends an unmistakable message about the size and strength of our political revolution to the mainstream media. They’re still dismissing the overwhelming will of the people!

    Thank you so much. Let’s keep going! Every dollar we raise supports Jill’s common-sense platform of putting people and planet before profits!

    As Jill says, It’s in our hands.

    Gloria Mattera
    Campaign Chair
    Jill Stein for President
    Green Party of the United States

  2. Two comic [sic] strips…

    Pearls Before Swine [Click]

    Doonesbury [Click]


  3. Alan, the Library posted is the Camden Public Library in Maine…the one that overlooks the Harbour there. It is gorgeous!

  4. Yikes! The predicted high temperature today was 103 deg. F; on the way back from the hardware store at 3:30 PM it was a hundred and ten! That's unquestionably too hot to do any gardening, but I got some done in the morning before it got hot. Might be able to get some more done this evening.


  5. Several weeks ago I became distracted while working and misplaced one of my prize tools--a pair of Vacuum Grip water pump pliers, which must have been more than twenty years old when I found them on a street in San Jose about fifty years ago. Similar to a pair of channel-lock pliers, but smaller, lighter, faster and easier to adjust; good steel and good manufacturing. I have looked high and low for them, to no avail. Today I found a German-made pair that, although a bit expensive, seems even better. The difference in both design and manufacturing quality between the German and Chinese-made (even if USA-branded) equivalents is very noticeable. The price at Home Depot was effectively somewhat lower than at Amazon. If anyone is in the market for a super pair of adjustable pliers, here is the Amazon link. [Click] They should last a lifetime and then some.


  6. DNC Rules Meeting Agrees To A Compromise On Superdelegates [Click]

    Sanders on DNC e-Mails: "I think it's outrageous" [Click]

    DNC Chair to resign after convention. [Click] And did you see that she is not going to address the convention?

    Cynical fellow that I am, I suspect that the recent Wikileaks e-mails dump might have helped to move things along a bit. And I think the Party elitists, having seen what happened in Cleveland, have a very strong desire to project a different impression in Philadelphia.

    I do wonder who will be Jill Stein's running mate…


  7. New News at Berine News Site. [Click] Sanders Statement on DNC Chair Resignation, Sanders to Addfess DNC, Democratic Rules Committee Passes Reform Commission to Reform Electoral Process


    1. Oops--Sanders will addRess, not addFess the DNC. And that Bernie News story has a link to the post-campaign web site,!

      Sanders does indeed chastise the DNC in his statement on DWS's resignation, but not at length. A very few well-chosen words can say a great deal.


  8. Fara Cat
    10 June


    This time it's different.

    When Dubya Bush was elected, the rest of the World thought the American people had been foolish. When he was re-elected, we thought you had lost your minds entirely. The rise of Trump made us wonder once again what was wrong with you.

    But then came Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Even from across the great oceans, we saw you being robbed of democracy. For the first time, we realised it's not your fault. This isn't what you wanted.
    We watched Bernie Sanders ignite the spirit of millions of people, and we watched Hillary Clinton perverting the democratic process. We saw your voices (and donations) speak up against the establishment, and we watched as the establishment fortified themselves against you.

    The rest of the World would surely feel the sting from a Clinton or a Trump, and the free World from Finland to Fiji was hoping for a President Sanders. Those that supported and donated didn't just represent themselves, didn't just represent Sanders, but represented the wider tribe of humanity globally. You fought for all of us, the life outside of the USA is still affected by your president, and even though things are the way they are now, you did us proud.

    We don't blame you for Hillary, we thank you for standing up for Bernie. Please keep standing up.
    - Bernie fan from Japan

    1. Why, how nice! Thanks for sharing, listener. Someone who knows how should tell the writer that we feel the same winds people elsewhere do, and pay attention to their examples, now more than ever. And this truly DOES feel like early days of one of the periodic political shifts the United State goes through. Not the beginning, mind you; we are well past that. [Think of Howard Dean.] I am old enough to remember the previous shift, about forty years ago; and I remember my parents' stories of the shift of their youth, about 80 years ago. We might even be seeing the disintegration of a major political party--which has not happened for 160 years! And the young people! Yay! And check out