Wednesday, April 27, 2016



  1. Wow! Bernie is still first here.

    Someone asked me this morning how I could say I won't vote for Hillary with SCOTUS nominations at stake. That really kind of ticked me off, and you know how infrequently that happens. I surprised myself with the intensity of my response:

    It's an issue of trust. My vote is worth more to me than voting for the least offensive candidate, especially when my own trustworthy Senator is running. If the party doesn't like that, the problem is with the party not me. I do not trust the Clintons with power, I do not trust that this isn't another stolen election, and at age 60 I no longer expect the best of a broken system. The "party knows best" approach has failed us repeatedly. If I have to hold my nose to vote again, I'm sure to pass out before my hand makes the mark. If the party wants a good vote outcome, give us a good candidate fairly. Bernie has consistently polled strongest against Trump! I don't "get on board; my vote is my voice, not a rubber stamp. The party had best wake up before it's too late.

    I'll leave you with this well written piece from Huffington Post.

  2. Hmmmm....looks like Bernie made you young, too, listener! I will look at the link you posted momentarily, but here are a couple more. The convention rules assure that we will be heard!

    Fourteen to Go: Sanders Set on 'Transforming Nation' [Click] Sanders strategist Tad Devine "said Monday that Sanders will arrive at the convention with enough pledged delegates to file minority reports—or dissents from the majority—at the event, which could prolong it by requiring debates on the issues most important to him if the campaigns don't negotiate their differences. Democratic Party rules allow for minority reports at the request of 25% of members on the convention's Platform, Credentials and Rules committees."

    Why Bernie Will, Should and Must Stay in the Race [Click] By Jim Hightower


  3. Oh, Hightower is fine--I have one of his books--"There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos." Fine sentiment, that.

    Another unsurprising "surprise" would be for evidence of HRC and Bill having dodgy offshore bank accounts--maybe we could call that banky-panky? Or maybe a recording of a secret talk she gave to an investment bank, like the recording of Mitt Romney. There could be real surprises as well; Roger Stone might actually have something big up his sleeve. The Clintons have a scary amount of baggage. It would seem a good idea to send Bill off to Botswana for the duration. With a chastity belt.


  4. Bernie *is* going to stay in the race. At the same time, he is laying off hundreds of staffers.

  5. I've noticed that I'm getting fewer requests for contributions from the Sanders campaign.

    As you know, I've been trying to get over to Bernie HQ for weeks. Last week I ended up taking care of VT*Grand so her parents could go out of state for a funeral. This week I have her cold. But I *AM* going to get there next week (truly, Cat!), and here's the really odd thing: Now that the moment has come and passed when we see that Bernie is not likely to be the nominee, I feel freer to go to HQ. Why? It's not that I feared I'd bring bad luck by being there. (It felt that way, but I'm not superstitious.) It's that I was at Dean HQ the day Joe Trippi walked out, and felt the mood shift. I was in the room when Howard Dean announced the end of his candidacy. I think it must have been somewhat traumatic, because I knew on some level that I could not bear to be there if it happened again that way with Bernie. In fact, it would be worse, harder, more wrenching, because, truth be told, Bernie is more ready to be President than Howard was. =Heavy Sigh= It kills me that Dems want the rest of us to "get on board" when we know it's a sinking ship. It's downright insulting, in fact. It's my vote, and it's more sacred than ANY agenda, no matter how noble.

  6. I have zero intention of "getting on board" and I am quite firm in that decision. The Young Turks program (or was it Ring of Fire?) had a segment suggesting Progressives should get into the Democratic Party and take it over the way the Tea Party took over the Republican Party. I don't agree with that. This primary season has demonstrated to me that the Democratic Party is rotten to the core. I think Progressive's efforts would be better directed to forming a strong third party, because -face it- the Green Party isn't strong enough at this point. I sincerely believe Hillary will lose the General. I have no intention of shoring up her corrupt and right-wing campaign. We really need a better system than just two major parties that lock out millions of voters and keep them from having a say in democracy.

    1. "We really need a better system than just two major parties that lock out millions of voters and keep them from having a say in democracy."

      Amen to that, Susan! How about a Progressive Party that only takes donations from ordinary citizens?