Tuesday, April 26, 2016

At the Garden Center


  1. We have the power!

    Channeling Sanders' Call for Revolution, Teachout Soars in NY Congressional Race [Click] “Populist Congressional candidate is outpacing all other New York Democrats in fundraising this year”

    Sanders Didn’t Start The Fire, So Don’t Ask Him To Put It Out [Click] Oh yes! Dandy column! Except for the last paragraph; whenever someone says someone “has to” do something, it really means “I wish they would” or “I think they should in order to [fill in the blank].” One might as well say that “Ms Clinton HAS TO give up her quixotic pursuit of her own political doom.” No she doesn’t.


  2. Millennials Poll Shows Sanders' Revolution Reshaping US Electorate [Click] "He's not moving a party to the left. He's moving a generation to the left," says pollster.

    And giving them a path to political activism, I might add.

  3. Yes, I really like the "Sanders didn't Start the Fire" and shared it to my Facebook page.

  4. I didn't think New York made Clinton the inevitable nominee, but I'm very much afraid tonight does. I'm going to have to give some thought to what I'm going to do between now and the convention.

    I've known all along, of course, that I was going to support the eventual nominee. In the 58 years that I have been an eligible voter I have become quite used to voting for the lesser weevil. Barack Obama was the only nominee I was actually enthusiastic about. But the presidency isn't the only race. Maybe, like the Kochs, I need to shift my attention to Senate and House races.

    We'll see. Tonight's too soon to decide.

    1. Too soon indeed, Bill. I can't say as I was enthusiastic about Obama; the most recent (I don't want to say "last") Democratic nominee for whom I truly wanted to vote was Walter Mondale. That was a few years back. After I vote for Bernie in the California primary I will re-register as a Green, and expect to vote for Jill Stein. (The Green Party nominating convention is August 4th-7th, so we don't yet know the nominee.) That would be the third time for a female presidential nominee (and maybe the fourth time for a female vice presidential nominee--I wrote in Howard Dean and Carol Mosley Braun in 2004). But if Bernie were the Democratic nominee, I would vote for him. I expect that if HRC should be the candidate there are going to be at least one or two potentially disastrous "surprises" for her.

      I continue to be acutely aware that the old-fashioned methods of reaching out to voters are largely extinct. In earlier times I would be getting fliers from various candidates and campaigns by now, but these days they are very late and very few. Occasionally I found them useful. But the national campaigns figure California is in the bag for the Democrats, and within the state the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions completely overwhelm the rest of the state. Oh, well. One must do what one thinks best. I must say I detest California's current "jungle primary" system (thank goodness it doesn't apply to the Presidential primary).


  5. I've figured it out. The only way that Hillary can win against Trump is if she has Bernie on the ticket, because the ONLY way I could bring myself to tick the box beside her name is if I'm also ticking Bernie's name. And since Hillary will do literally anything to get elected, she will ask him to be VP.

    If that doesn't happen, or if he decides he'd rather not accept (and who could truly blame him?), then Trump will win the election. I would not blame Bernie for refusing. I would not blame Bernie if Trump gets elected. I would blame Hillary, her minions who engaged in election fraud, and the fool headed people who voted for Hillary and for Trump.

    Dear God, I cannot stand the thought of Trump as President. I also cannot vote for Hillary.

    Bernie eluded today to possibly having Elizabeth Warren as his VP. I wish he'd said that 6 months ago. Might have changed history.


  6. I don't believe Hillary would ask Bernie to run with her and even if she did I'm pretty sure he would say "No". They are so different I can't see them working together in any kind of harmony. Trump is an ignorant blowhard, but he is also completely inexperienced in governing, so I would imagine he'll pretty much be floundering for a good while. Hilly, OTOH, will get busy revving up for war, she's not going to make anything better and most likely will make things a lot worse for us. If I have to choose between two evils (Hillary and Trump) I'm voting Green.