Saturday, January 02, 2016

Canadian Robin


  1. When the red, red robin comes bob-bob-bobbin' along, along...

    Ahem, yes.

    And Howard would be first.

    1. Accidentally left a comment on the last thread.

    2. Cat, your post makes more sense on the last thread, so no worries.

      Too bad about the spoiler! (Alan, remember to write "Spoiler Alert" first.) But truth be told they could have done it less obviously than they did. They also give away some information early on that would have been best kept as mystery longer, to build tension. But, well, after all, it's a Disney film this time. Bleah.

  2. Super good Bernie news, eh? His campaign took in $33million this past quarter and $75million for the year. Hillary's campaign took in $37million this past quarter and $112 million for the year. Yet note that at year's close Bernie has $28million in the bank while Hillary has $38million. Alan tells me that Bernie's average donation was $27.16. (Love the .16!) Has anyone heard what Hillary's average donation was?