Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Light the Candles...


  1. 17F and fine snow falling, with sleet and freezing rain promised for Tuesday. Bill and Son each feel compelled to go in to work, one early morning and the other mid-morning, and home similarly later on. Sigh. As for me, I'm waiting until Wednesday to go to the post office. Not only don't I want to drive in it, I don't want to ask truckers to drive in it either.

    Everybody take care! ♥

  2. Cool weather here; I should expect fog, but the weather is predicted to be clear for several days. I found the following article just now:

    NYT on Jane Sanders [Click]


  3. As promised we had snow overnight then sleet and freezing rain throughout the day. Pretty miserable. At least the ground is white now, for a while.

    Afraid I'm rather easily distracted. Have switched bedtime listening to a lecture series, Particle Physics For Non Physicists. It's one I've listened to before, but not for several years. Seemed like it was time for a refresher.

    1. I remember Howland Owl explaining the New Clear Physics to a collection of other characters in Pogo. He laid out a big chain on the table and whacked one end of it with a hammer to initiate a chain reaction--but missed and hit his own finger. Exclaiming vigorously, he threw the hammer out the window, thereby knocking down a bees' nest, and the bees counterattacked, driving all and sundry out of Howland's tree house as well as illustrating the point of the lecture. This inspired the creation of the "B" bomb--a bees' nest in a shoebox--although I do not recall to what use it was put.


      Hmmmm....here is a related quote:

      "The natural born reason we didn't git no yew-ranium when we crosses the li'l yew tree and the gee-ranium is on account of cause we didn't have no geiger counter."
      --Dr. Howland Owl

      And a few unrelated ones (except for being from Pogo):

      "I'll tell you, son, the minority got us out-numbered!"
      --Congersman Frog

      "Some is more equal than others, as is well known. It ain't that your majority is outnumbered, you're just out-surrounded."
      --Tammananny Tiger (to Pogo)

      "Thar’s only two possibilities: Thar is life out there in the universe which is smarter than we are, or we’re the most intelligent life in the universe. Either way, it’s a mighty sobering thought."
      --Porky Pine

      That's all for tonight, folks!

    2. I lied again--here's a bit more. If memory serves me well, Howland Owl whacked his thumb when demonstrating the initiation of a chain reaction. (Of course owls have thumbs!)

      And I always bear in mind one of the truisms spoken by Albert Alligator: "A handsome man looks good in anything he wears."