Sunday, January 03, 2016

Light to you!


  1. Hey, folks, it's another Dean day! :-)

  2. Ally update at baby

    Sorry that took so long, listener: The Frontier/google conspiracy makes posting impossible, sometimes.

  3. No worries, puddle. I figured. I could have simply posted it, but I love that you do and I wanted folks to see it at Baby. :-)

  4. We had a very congenial snowfall on Sunday. Just 2" of good powder, with no real wind and no snow squalls, despite predictions. Pretty, though.

  5. Back from behind the hospital firewall...

    Cat--my apologies for the Star Wars spoiler; I wasn't thinking. Mea culpa maxima.

    VERY fine news about Ally! Even under the best of conditions, different kids grow at different rates, and not symmetrically. I remember the doctor recommended that my father put on some weight, and it was not easy for him.

    I haven't watched them yet myself, but here is a link to
    Bernie TV ads running in Iowa [Click]

    While at the hospital this weekend I heard from one of the ER physicians that New Year's Day was a doozy. Saturday started out quiet, but from about noon into the wee hours of Sunday morning it was a bit challenging. Sunday was more restful.

    We are supposed to get a series of storms beginning on Monday--they are talking about three feet of snow in the mountains, and pretty decent rainfall for hereabouts:
    New storms could make for wettest week in 5 years in Central California [Click]

    I expect plenty of blood alcohol tests on alleged drunk drivers this coming week; we had a pretty fair number last week.


    1. Three feet of snow sounds pretty good, but there are places in the Sierra Nevada (the Snowy Mountain Range) where in an *average* year they used to get more than a hundred feet of snow.


  6. I'm not one to watch much TV or to see political ads there, but those two Bernie ads look pretty good to me. Tightly scripted, upbeat, work in a lot in a short time. Now if only they had worked some geezers into the crowd shots...or made them more prominent if they are there...but that's a quibble. From a geezer.