Saturday, December 05, 2015

This is Winter?


  1. Dean is first and we have flocks of Canadien Robins here in Vermont!

  2. Here we have yet to see flake one. It continues mild, mid 40s through low 50s.

    Finally finished The Woman in White, quite a long book. Got pretty bored for a while in Part Two, but Part Three came roaring back and the book ended on a high. I never had the least inkling what the great secret was. The whole thing was masterfully done, a real page turner. My feeling is that my impatience and boredom were more attributable to myself than to the book. Have now started The Moonstone, which also promises to be a good read.

  3. Last night I had a rather curious phone conversation. Well, not so much curious as unexpected. It was with a Facebook friend, Jason Dorsey, who is Engelbert's eldest son.

    For some time I've been FB friends with Jason and his brother Scott as well as, until recently, Jason's wife Marcy. I like Marcy very much from what I've seen on FB. She's bouncy and bright. One thing that attracted me to her in the first place was a remark she made about having been in a coma. Never did find out what caused the coma or exactly what the results were, but it soon became clear that she has few if any physical problems as a result but definite emotional or perhaps mental health problems. I noticed her short attention span, which Jason confirmed, and her difficulty focusing and using punctuation. But then I began to notice that she would write very pointed things obviously meant to embarrass or hurt Jason. Must have been about a year ago, I sent him a brief message offering my sympathy. After all, living with two people who suffer from depression, anxiety disorder and bipolar, I really do understand. He wrote back briefly, clearly frustrated and unhappy, and grateful for the word of support.

    Fast forward to the end of November. On Marcy's page I came across a long, rambling post that was the culmination of weeks of strife and difficulty. She claimed Jason had abandoned her and their youngest. Well, I'm not a patient woman. I couldn't cope with her anymore, so I unfriended her. No doubt that was hasty, but that was just too much.

    It took a couple weeks for me to get up the courage to message Jason, but finally I did, reminding him of my experienced with those suffering from mental illness and assuring him of my confidence and support. A couple days went by without hearing from him and I began to regret my rash action in messaging him. Then, yesterday, he replied, "Call me." Somewhat startled, I asked for his number, not expecting to get it. But, he sent it.

    So, last night, I called. It was odd, talking to a stranger like that and yet, in a way, he wasn't a stranger. He seemed so pleased and almost grateful for my understanding, poor fellow. He's in a terrible situation. I think maybe getting some of it off his chest helped. He thanked me for calling and said to call again any time. I won't, of course, don't want to intrude; but it was sweet of him to say it.

    I hate things like this where there is absolutely nothing you can do to help. Marcy is not a bad person, she's just confused and unsettled. But she's not able to get herself straightened out on her own and yet she isn't willing to take direction. I know that state of affairs only too well. There's nothing Jason can do. And the little boy - well, I guess he's twelve or thirteen - is stuck in the middle. She won't let him go out to L.A. to be with Jason, not even for a little while. Like I told Jason, she's probably afraid of losing him, considers him all she has left. It's awful all round. and it leaves a friend or acquaintance feeling rotten for being unable to help in any way.

    1. Cat, your message raised several questions for me, and I don't need the answers, but I thought it might help you to know someone wondered about these things.

      Toward the end of your message, I got the inpression that Jason snd his wife do not live together anymore, and that their son lives with his morher.

      If Jason's wife has some emotional or mental issues, how is it that their son lives with her instead of with his Dad? Might it be in the best interest of the boy to have the situation reviewed by a doctor?

      I recommend keeping out of it unless you believe someone is in real danger. Your compassion is a good thing, though.