Sunday, December 06, 2015

Everybody here?


  1. Howard would be first this 36th day of dark!

    1. Nice to realise we are already more than a month through the dark days.

  2. Cat, note for you on the last thread. ♥

  3. The photo out front was taken yesterday on a horse-drawn wagon ride. :-)

  4. Well, I hope you are all celebrating in one form or another, since it is the First Night of Hanukkah, the Second Sunday in Advent and the Feast of St. Nicholas! :-D

  5. On my way to work at the hospital Saturday morning the temperature was just above freezing and the ground was damp, but there was no fog because of very thin cloud cover. Almost no traffic. Here are a couple of farm-related items from the Sunday newspaper:

    Biodiesel from orchard waste in a little town I pass through on the way to my hospital job [Click]

    Land subsidence in San Joaquin Valley from groundwater use [Click] Map on page 14 was in the newspaper, but not the online edition. If you find "Fresno" on the map, follow the high sped railway route northwest to the San Joaquin river, then go a few miles east on the south side of the river, that's where we live. (Subsidence evidently zero. Also too high to have beachfront property even if the Greenland ice cap AND Antarctica glaciers melt. And hardly any earthquakes.)

    On Friday I had a doctor's appointment (just routine) and I commented to him about the very large number of people at the hospital pharmacy. He told me that Kaiser Fresno got 13,000 new members because of the Affordable Care Act, and many of them are inexperienced with pharmacies--won't use Rx delivery by mail despite the incentives, for instance. (We have been picking ours up in person, but with such huge lines and long waiting times we will change henceforth.

    Cat-- I have a good start on The Woman in White. Can't say as I approve of the lovesick swain's choice in romantic interests. [grin] Of course one must make allowance for the time it was written; all things considered, it is a very promising read. It occurs to me that "gaiters" might mean Chelsea boots. I am at a loss to figure out what "sun picture" photographs might be.