Friday, December 11, 2015



  1. Hey--Howard is No. 1!

    On another note,

    Krugman on the rise of Trump and Le Pen. [Click]
    Re the GOP, at least, what I have been saying for a long time, but better put than I have.


  2. I am blissful after 48 hours of time spent with my sweet 6 yr old granddaughter. There is great hope for the world with innocence like this in it!

    BTW: I am unable to read posts that mention he whose name I do not acknowledge. Feel free to generalise and paraphrase if you like.

    1. Excerpt from

      Paul Krugman notes the Republican Party “hasn’t tried to freeze out the kind of people who vote National Front in France. Instead, it has tried to exploit them, mobilizing their resentment via dog whistles to win elections. This was the essence of Richard Nixon’s ‘southern strategy,’ and explains why the G.O.P. gets the overwhelming majority of Southern white votes.”

      “But there is a strong element of bait-and-switch to this strategy. Whatever dog whistles get sent during the campaign, once in power the G.O.P. has made serving the interests of a small, wealthy economic elite, especially through big tax cuts, its main priority — a priority that remains intact, as you can see if you look at the tax plans of the establishment presidential candidates this cycle.”

      “Sooner or later the angry whites who make up a large fraction, maybe even a majority, of the G.O.P. base were bound to rebel — especially because these days much of the party’s leadership seems inbred and out of touch. They seem, for example, to imagine that the base supports cuts to Social Security and Medicare, an elite priority that has nothing to do with the reasons working-class whites vote Republican.”


  3. At the end of our 48 hours together, my granddaughter told me and then told her Daddy that she wants to always come to my house by herself, and not with her sister anymore. Given how very deeply she loves her big sister, I think no higher praise can be given!

    We went to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory today and she chose a pale pink bear and two outfits for her bear. One outfit is a fairy costume in a wonderful purple fabric that changes to blue, and sparkles in sunlight. The other is a lacy white frock with light blue sash and light blue ear bow, with a Nutcracker for the bear to hold and be like Clara in the Nutcracker (a performance her family goes to every year). Don't tell a soul, but after she named her bear Rose, I secretly got out my Rose essential oil and rubbed it on her bear's neck. ♡ Doesn't that sound like a Grammie thing to do?

  4. Probably most here know that DFA is conducting a presidential poll, with each candidate telling those on the DFA email list why we should vote for them. Today it was Hillary's turn. Except instead of an email from Hilary I got one from Howard Dean telling me why Hilary should be my choice. It will be interesting to see whether this is enough for Hilary to carry the day.

    1. Hmmm, I see it still bothers me that Howard is all about Hillary. I don't understand that, since Hillary doesn't embody his values the way Bernie does. Of course, Howard threw his support to Hillary before Bernie entered the race. I suspect that was so people wouldn't try to draft him.

      I'm glad I got off the DFA mailing list.

  5. That cottage looks like my great grandparents home in Utah.

    LOVE Krugman.

    The turnip is not going to win anything. He's just playing, and too lazy to even study.