Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy Labor Day! And I mean it!


  1. Howard is first! Don't think I ever mentioned that he accidentally e-mailed me (technically, cc'ed me) a while back. That was interesting.

    When we were driving home from Smith, our initial ETA of around 12:30 in the morning didn't seem too bad, so we decided not to stop. I had actually looked ahead to see what our options were, and all the hotels seemed a bit pricey--I guess because we were heading into a holiday weekend. The same reason that the rental car was 15 dollars a day at the beginning of the rental period, while it was over 60 dollars a day at the end. Or why the price of gas went up 36 cents a gallon WHILE WE WERE STANDING IN LINE. We opted not to get gas until after the weekend is over, but had been able to take advantage of the good price for topping off the rental car before returning it. Anyway, that last hour of driving was pretty painful, but we used teamwork to get through it, and were glad not to still have driving left to do Saturday morning. It's a little shocking to realize that we LEFT for Smith at 3:30 in the morning on Thursday and pulled into our driveway at about 3 a.m. on Saturday. That was a LOT of driving to do in just under 48 hours.

    This morning the alarm went off, and Demetrius thought he was going to take Son to class, but then I remembered that today was Labor Day. I don't know how I forgot that after all that price gouging I was just mentioning to you, but my brain had somehow compartmentalized that information in a weird way.

    It's been raining an awful lot since we got home, resulting in new leaks in the roof. We were set to get that done soon anyway, now that the tree has been taken care of, but nature gave us a reminder that we don't want to dawdle with that.

    Kind of disappointing that no one has posted any pictures on my brother's wedding web site. Getting Son to dress up for the occasion was a hard-won battle, so I'd like to see the evidence. ;)

    1. Yep! A lot of driving indeed.

    2. Renee, welcome home! I hope it's dry soon and you get a great night of sleep!

      I hope that the errant email was at least something super interesting. LOL!

  2. Weather dudes recalibrated the temps for the coming week, dropping the prediction by about 10 points, into the upper seventies, and down to upper sixties towards the end. I kin live wit dis!!

  3. We had a banner day for VT*Grand's 7th birthday!! She got a pony (a real one) and a life vest to wear when they go rowing on their pond in her rowboat. Everyone had a blast! It was incredibly hot, though. 86F and humid, vicious in the sunshine, but fine in the shade by the pond. VT*Grand has very strong arms and can row one oar while an adult does the other. She kept up with anyone and had some silly fun rowing in circles just for fun, which caught the attention of the horses on the hill, who enjoyed the entertainment. LOL!

  4. Today (Monday) we picked up the grapes we ordered--15 boxes, 19 lbs each. picked the same morning and riper than usual. Gave one box to friends, who will probably share them on to others, and set out the rest to dry. (The tables I made needed supplementary bracing with ropes, but I hadn't expected they would have to bear that much weight. If the ancient Egyptians and Greeks reinforced their ships that way I figure I don't have to be embarrassed.) In half a day they have begun to turn brown. The Thompsons we set out earlier are about halfway to raisins in two days and a half.

    I am procrastinating--one job left on my to-do list for the weekend--turning out an invoice. OK, after this post.



    P.S.: It seemed hotter than the official temperature (mid-90's); humidity maybe? And no breeze.