Friday, February 22, 2013

Marbled Godwit (oil refineries in the background) ~ Photo also by Son


  1. Howard's the ONE!

    Feeling sad. Just discovered an old and very good friend died. Three years ago. I've been searching periodically since communication just ended then. No obit. Emails unreturned, phone unanswered. But this time, a memorial thread from her senior book group.

    We went through divorces together. Heck, we went through grad school together. She was one of few friends who ever made the too long trip from DC to here.

    I went through the death of her own true love with her, and she with me, and mine. My first thought: Oh, good--now she and John are together. And deaths of parents. And the alcoholics in our lives: she, many--sister, husband, child. She was the one that got me to my first Al-Anon meeting.

    I miss you Mary.

    1. Nothing hits so deep in the heart as the loss of such a dear friend. Oh, puddle, I am so sad for your loss. I'm going to camp right here beside you and put my arms around you, heart to heart. ♡

    2. Those kinds of friendship where their stories become part of your repertoire, lol! Their insights become part of your guide.

      Thank you for the companioning.

    3. So beautifully spoken: "Their insights become part of your guide." Yes...yes.

      I'm here. ♥

  2. She was the one who nailed it about the difference between extroverts (which she was) and introverts. Once, puzzling over a thing, she asked her daughter, Susan, what *she* did in such a situation. Susan was as an extreme introvert as her mother was an extreme extrovert. Susan said, Well, I usually have this conversation with the little voice in my head, and we work it out. Mary was dumbfounded: SHE had no little voice in her head. She was checking with me if I did. (I do.) She finally decided that extroverts *have* to go out and have the conversations with real people in order to solve things. I think she was about right.