Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Food Helps!


  1. Howard. #1

    Woke to a gorgeous wedding cake world. Which is now melting rapidly. My guess is that it will be toast by dark. Enjoying, as I spect there are not many more of these left in this winter.

    1. Aww, how pretty! This morning you had more snow than we had here in Vermont; we can see grass in many places now. Of course, what white we do have is frozen pretty hard! Ha!

  2. Here, too, the ground was whitish this morning. But with the low temperatures, not to mention the wind, it'll last a while -- what little there is of it.

  3. Quick notes--work getting overwhelming this week...

    listener--Miyoko didn't say what kind of hawk--she was rather shocked to see it eating a bird in our back yard. But we have red-tailed hawks around here; also a few sparrow hawks.

    Bill--I decided not to give Facebook a whirl; it seems to fundamentally be designed to hoover up personal information that can be sold to advertisers and other assorted snoops,. The communications overlay seems to be a way to get people to reveal private information, and far more than they are likely to realize.