Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hanging out on Saturday...


  1. Howard's da bomb!

    Cute little stone peeps!

  2. Got a break from work that has let me address some software problems that have been bugging me. The update to turbobackup seems to be working. Did a clean reinstall of PowerSuite. Won't know for sure whether that solved the problem until the scan is finished and I tell it to correct the problems it had found. Ordered Microsoft Word 2013 (more about that if anyone is interested). Decided not to get Windows 8 for my netbook/tablet. The reviews weren't particularly favorable, although none of those I saw seemed to be putting it on a touchscreen device, which is what it is fundamentally designed for. But Microsoft didn't talk about its advantages for touchscreen either.

  3. Slept poorly, woke groggy, worked so hard, napped with kittens, woke smiling, made dinner. Grand on the premises! Going sledding in the dark... :-D