Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Have you hugged a Birder today?

Today is Wildlife*Biologist*Son*in*Maine's Birthday! He loved all the Burgess books when he was young. Now he loves the birds.

The next door neighbours of my dear friend Margaret (the next town over from here) are related to author Thorton W. Burgess. Small world.


  1. Ayup, it's tomorrow back East where that fellow...what's his name....HOWARD DEAN! is from!

    Susan--Boring is good!

    Trip to Eureka (about 375 miles as the crow or the airplane flies) for court on Thursday confirmed. Leave Fresno Wed. 2PM, return (theoretically) Thursday 11:30 PM. Case shouldn't be going to trial, but a judge got up on the wrong side of bed and wouldn't accept a deal worked out by the DA and the Public Defender. Well, so be it. Last job this evening is to get together some documents and fax them to the Public Defender.


  2. Cold and sunny. Haven't reached 50º yet. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. BTW, wishing my birder was within arm's length. . . .

  4. Agreed. Boring is definitely good. I'm all in favor of boring.

  5. Hi guys!

    Sorry not to have been around for a while, but I haven't been all that chipper. Did go out to the Friendly's around the corner Saturday afternoon with Patty and Sara. Had a good time, though it does make me a little sad too. Ah well, life is what it is.

    Over the weekend I finished The Time Traveler's Wife, which I enjoyed. seems to me it would be rather difficult to film though. Also finished an Agatha Christie, Evil Under The Sun, a Poirot mystery. It was good, though I preferred Dumb Witness. But that was probably because Bob the Terrier is so darned cute. Also started Wesley The Owl. Think I'm going to enjoy it, but got distracted after a few chapters.Sounds like he was a really darling owl.

  6. Doing absolutely nothing very slowly is my idea of a good day. :-)

  7. Why? Did you have an unusual bird outside your window? Do tell!

  8. Na. Would just like to *hug* him. It's our third anniversary today.

  9. Woo, had to go out and bring in a couple of my small potted plants. We're supposed to get a killing frost tonight.

    On the quilting front: Quilt catalogs sell these shelves that hold plastic portable containers in a stack. They sell for about $120. Tonight Son #2 and I were out and I found the nearly identical item in the Lego toy aisle for way less than half the quilt catalog price. AND the Lego one has more bins and they come in a mix of colors in the same stack, not just translucent clear. Quite happy with the score. Now I have "grab and go" containers full of projects to take to my quilter's meetings.

  10. Ally update at baby ~~



  11. Ohhh, that birder. :-)

  12. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.


  13. Awesome find! Way to go, Susan! :-D

  14. Thanks, puddle. ♡

    I look forward to the day when cancer is cured.
    I look forward to the day when they figure out how to do treatments painlessly.
    No child should have to hurt.

    {{{ Ally Mae is so brave. }}}

  15. - ♡ Thanks for the Ally candles! ♡

    Susan ♡

    Catreona ♡

    puddle ♡

  16. She really IS a remarkable little camper.

  17. Fre minutes before the witching hour for the blog. Haven't been at home much today. Dentist appointment in the afternoon (replace a filling) then parade committee meeting this evening.

    Gorgeous day. This afternoon only needed my windbreaker when the wind kicked up. On my way home this eventhing, the windbreaker was just right.

  18. Sounds like a day worth living, Bill. Thanks for popping by!