Sunday, October 03, 2010

Enjoy your Sunday...


  1. Ah, wish I had kept a copy of the GenerationDean flash video for Gov. Dean's presidential campaign; that was primo!

    Susan, I am pretty much with you. Out of curiosity I looked up the California "Democratic" Party's official positions on the November ballot propositions. They're largely similar to those of the Green Party, except:

    1) they don't take a position on marijuana legalization (OK, I can buy that), and
    2) they are foursquare for gerrymandering. I'm not cool with that.

    Schwartzenegger is a nice enough fellow IMO, and he moved the anti-gerrymandering ball down the field. He also signed a bill just the other day reducing possession of less than an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor (translation: possible jail time) to an infraction (translation: fine only). That's a lot more progressive than many elected "Democrats," and reasonable, I think. By the time the "Democrats" get around to asking me for my vote (if they ever do) it will be too late--everyone in my precinct votes absentee. But Barabara Boxer has certainly earned my vote. Whine, whine, whine. End of rant for just now. But I do feel jilted by the Dems.

    Got a bunch of stuff done today work-wise. Got a request from an attorney for a graphic aid for use in court, so set Naomi to work on it.

    Weather has been hot and cloudy, as if we were going to have thunderstorms, but so far we haven't.

    Pizza tomorrow; and for now, to all a good night.

  2. Morning, Campers

    Thankful's still asleep. Has to leave early tomorrow. Gonna miss the gurl. . . . We have been having *such* fun!

    Politics, life, history, love. Pretty much having it all. Wish it didn't end so soon.

  3. An empty street. Wind blows a piece of paper down the street, somewhere a shutter bangs repeatedly. Lawns are overcome with knee-high weeds. Mailboxes are stuffed to overflowing.

    Where the heck is everybody?

  4. I was in Maine! Sorry...I couldn't get this page to load from there! I wonder if others were having the same problem.