Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lovely Garden


  1. Howard Dean is still first!

  2. Reposting from past-midnight on the last thread...

    We are HOME.

    Just after we got the car all packed yesterday we got a call from Son*in*Maine letting us know that the Birthday*Granddaughter got a fever of 102 during the night and was throwing up earlier in the day. Oh dear! They hoped it was "just" the 24 hour flu that the other kids at day care had earlier in the week, and would know by this morning if the Birthday Party was on or off. So, instead of going over to stay at the house, we stayed at a hotel in Portsmouth, NH last night. We figured if she were still sick on her birthday today we could at least pass her gifts in through the door. (We had our gifts, plus gifts from two of her uncles!)

    This morning she felt fine, and as all the other children coming to the party had either had the flu or been exposed, the party was still on! Littlest*Granddaughter (Eldest's younger sister) hadn't gotten it, and their Mom was fine too. However, Son*in*Maine was now sick with it. Uh oh.

    Oh, and did I mention that Granddaughter*in*Vermont (whom we see about once a week) was also over there already, having arrived yesterday with her other grandmother and stayed the night? Heh.

    We went to the party (I frosted the cake!) and most of it took place outdoors in the fresh air. But we didn't stay overnight tonight (as had originally been planned), but just came home. We are so glad that we were able to make good on our promise to come to Eldest*Granddaughter's 4th Birthday Party!

    And now we hope sooo much that we don't get sick...especially as the Vermont PRIMARY is Tuesday! Prayers, Vibes and all good hopes gratefully appreciated. 8-)

  3. "listener
    Ah, that explains it. Thanks! I was thinking he'd developed special powers! LOL!"

    You were THINKING I had developed special powers? I'll have you know I let my subscription to Madame Sophia's hotline expire because I no longer need it...

    For Mac backup, I can recommend SuperDuper, which makes a bootable clone on an external drive. Very clear and easy to use, and it really does act just like the original. On startup hold down the control [if I remember correctly] and you can choose your boot drive. Choose the external drive and it's just like your regular boot drive except slower because of the slower connection. Internal hard drive dies? Copy the SuperDuper copy to another drive, pop it into the Mac, and you're good to go. I will make a SuperDuper backup of my original iMac setup once I get it all working, then just set it aside. I will be using Apple's Time Machine for backup, but don't have enough experience with it to trust it completely.

    puddle--thanks for the lead on the absinthe spoon, but I don't perceive any need to add sugar. [Getting toward the bottom of the current bottle--just about time to order some more.]

    listener--here's hoping that Mr. Germ doesn't get you!

    Went up Friday evening and spent Saturday (it just turned Sunday here) with Naomi. Took her to the local Doc In A Box because she seemed to have an infected upper eyelid. Doc figured it was allergic conjuntivitis (said there had been a lot of it this year because of abundant pollen) that had progressed to pinkeye on one side, and prescirbed eyedrops that helped quickly. Naomi's eyes had been watering badly for the past three months or so. Then some shopping, lunch at Olive Garden for her birthday, put up a couple more drapery rods and secured a bookcase to the wall so it wouldn't fall in an earthquake. Next time we go up Miyoko will hem the curtains and make some tiebacks from the leftovers.

    Tomorrow's big project is to get the new iMac up and running. All the peripherals are in place, and I am pretty sure the cables are laid out correctly; but one has to expect some glitches. Wireless internet is up--typing this on my laptop.


  4. Just a bit pleased with myself. I just uploaded my second YouTube. The first has been up some fourteen hours and has already had seven views! WOOT! No comments yet, but that's OK. I'm just thrilled that anyone has found it.

  5. Yeah. I might actually be ready for the Twenty-first Century. 8)

    The third and last video, for now, will have to wait. Thought I could get it finished before Sis came home from Boston, but didn't quite make it.

  6. Should clarify, in case anyone has delusions of my technical abilities, that these are not true videos. Rather, they are songs, each of which has a still associated with it. One is the album cover, for instance. Working out how to do that was challenging enough. I am definitely not ready for actual moving pictures.

  7. listener, may I steal Saturday's photo for a YouTube upload? I'll give you credit, of course, either by name or as "A Friend in Vermont," whichever you'd be more comfortable with. It would go with a lovely song called "Too Beautiful to Last."

  8. Beautiful day today, never reached 80º ~~ and that's the prediction for the whole of next week ~~ mid seventies, nights in the fifties. May I say, YAY!? Felt pretty crummy today, and missed a phone call from da sweetie, but it helped not to have to deal with nasty weather, too. Feelin' much better now. I hate feeling lousy when I can't figure out why, what, or find anything that ameliorates it. . . . Not so bad if you can do *something* that takes the edge off of it, at least.

  9. Bill Thomasson8/22/2010 10:14:00 PM

    Best wishes for continued health!

  10. Bill Thomasson8/22/2010 10:17:00 PM

    Finally got a comment posted. I had no internet acces at all until past 4. Then a couple of hours to get essential internet-requiring things done, and had just composed a reply to listener when the internet went down again. But now it's back up -- we'll see for how long.

  11. Hi Cat...sorry to keep you waiting. Feel free to use my Roses photo, and no need to credit it. That way my name and YouTube don't show up together; since I don't do YouTube except very rarely, I prefer it that way. All good. Happy to help! :-)

  12. Thanks, listener!

    It's great having a friend who's a photographer.

  13. Thank you dear. Feeling now like it never happened. In fact, feeling better after the bounce back than I did before it happened. Go figure.

  14. Thanks, Alan...we're still ticking along fine.
    However, we have learned that Eldest*Granddaughter and her Daddy are both still sick...!
    That means it is not just a 24 hour flu like they thought it was. Uh oh.

    Ba da, ba da...

    Toes crossed for Sunday's big iMac start up! (If I cross my fingers I can't blog.) 8-)

  15. P.S.: Naomi got the right parents. ♥

  16. Good going, Cat!

    Speaking of Twenty-First Century...Hubby is saying we ought to ditch our land line and get new spiffy iPhones. (Currently, I have the oldest model of basic phone that you could buy two years ago.)

    Does anyone have a model they'd recommend (or suggest avoiding)? Links please.

  17. What was "it"? What symptoms?