Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vermont has a Cliffhanger still going on!

Here are my photos
from the party at the Hilton with Doug Racine. Doug was in the room with us the entire evening. Two of the five candidates, Doug Racine and Peter Shumlin, are neck and neck with about 26 more towns to report in. We now won't know until sometime on Wednesday who got the most votes. There will most likely be a recount. What an exciting, sweetly tense night! Stay tuned! Or better yet, see the results yourself, town by town. (My town, Jericho, went for Doug Racine! Hurrah!)


  1. Howard Dean is First!
    And his former Lieutenant Governor, Doug Racine, is also First I certainly hope!
    Still waiting for the final tally. But he's First with me!

  2. I think Renee and Demetrius should look into this in connection with older son. Perhaps it's relevant.

  3. It was a roller coaster ride all morning, with Doug Racine with the most votes most of the time.

    With all towns now reporting the final tally, however, is that Peter Shumlin got 182 votes more than Doug Racine (out of about 75,000). The last town came in six minutes before the Democratic Party's big unity rally was to begin in Burlington. Vermont Public Radio is saying that there is IMMENSE pressure on Doug Racine to NOT ask for a recount. However, Doug hasn't agreed not to ask for a recount. The votes can't be certified by the Secretary of State's office until at least Friday, possibly Tuesday.

    All I ask is that no one in the fabulous Racine campaign even think of second guessing the work that they did. They have been the strongest, cleanest, most focused, dedicated, graceful and worthy group of people I have ever worked with on anything, campaign or otherwise. They have nothing whatsoever to reproach themselves for. And for this reason especially, I want a recount; and I say that as an election official who would have to hand recount the votes in my town.

  4. I should mention that VPR mentioned that Howard Dean is at the rally in Burlington.

  5. Yay Howard!

    listener, the trend seems to be to discourage recounts. Don't worry about that talk of pressure. If a recount is warranted, I'm sure there'll be one.

    You shouldn't stay up so late! Take a nap!