Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eldest*Granddaughter turns 4 years old today!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Oh my goodness! Four? Well, I'm sure Howard wouldn't mind sharing being first today.

  2. The evening ended with a success. Though I'd expected to need Sis' help, I got ITunes downloaded and installed, and then downloaded and figured out how to play a song.

    Also, Dad got my scanner working this afternoon. So, I'll be scanning and working with photos tomorrow, err, today.

    Sometimes life is good.

    Under the wing, friends.

  3. 59º ~~ good sleeping weather! Think I'll go do that. And Happy Birthday to the little!

    Next to the heart ~~

  4. Jack Horkheimer died today. He was 72.

    hattip to Demetrius at FB

  5. Crashed and burned. Did a disk check, a disk clean up, a run with CCleaner, is now defragging. Hope something helps. Thank you Mr. Gates. . . .

  6. Bill Thomasson8/21/2010 11:05:00 PM

    Chez Thomasson, the problem has been cable (with AT&T, TV and internat come in through the same cable and gateway/modem). Went out for a couple of hours tonight just as I was finally getting to talk to my boss/client. Called service while it was out. They say it needs a technician and are sending one out Monday afternoon. But glad to see that service is back up in the meantime. For a while, at least.

    Why has my boss been off the uinternet so long? Well, it seems like the office where he works got a virus, probably from a chat message from India. Crashed every computer in the place. They still aren't back up, but at least he has got his laptop working.

  7. ARG!

    *hug* Puddle.

  8. YIKES!

    My computer has been driving me batty too. Can't entirely blame MicroSoft though, since the main culprits seem to be Window-eyes, FireFox and YouTube. And I think I may need to update my video driver.

  9. I have an accomplishment of sorts to announce. My first ever YouTube video is up.

  10. For Alan ~~

  11. Yikes! Good for you doing all that!

    My little MacBook is having a fan issue.
    I hope to get a back up done soon, so I can get the fan replaced.

  12. We are HOME.

    Just after we got the car all packed yesterday we got a call from Son*in*Maine letting us know that the Birthday*Granddaughter got a fever of 102 during the night and was throwing up earlier in the day. Oh dear! They hoped it was "just" the 24 hour flu that the other kids at day care had earlier in the week, and would know by this morning if the Birthday Party was on or off. So, instead of going over to stay at the house, we stayed at a hotel in Portsmouth, NH last night. We figured if she were still sick on her birthday today we could at least pass her gifts in through the door. (We had our gifts, plus gifts from two of her uncles!)

    This morning she felt fine, and as all the other children coming to the party had either had the flu or been exposed, the party was still on! Littlest*Granddaughter (Eldest's younger sister) hadn't gotten it, and their Mom was fine too. However, Son*in*Maine was now sick with it. Uh oh.

    Oh, and did I mention that Granddaughter*in*Vermont (whom we see about once a week) was also over there already, having arrived yesterday with her other grandmother and stayed the night? Heh.

    We went to the party (I frosted the cake!) and most of it took place outdoors in the fresh air. But we didn't stay overnight tonight (as had originally been planned), but just came home. We are so glad that we were able to make good on our promise to come to Eldest*Granddaughter's 4th Birthday Party!

    And now we hope sooo much that we don't get sick...especially as the Vermont PRIMARY is Tuesday! Prayers, Vibes and all good hopes gratefully appreciated. 8-)

  13. Awww, thanks Cat! ♥