Monday, August 16, 2010

Osprey babies getting ready to fly


  1. You know the drill...

  2. Hot and sticky today. Totally yucky. But, we did get a good, steady rain last night.

    I heard they finally got a little rain in Moscow the other day, but it didn't help much with the drought or the terrible fires. They're saying it's the hottest summer since recordkeeping started in, like, 1830. I also heard someone say it's the hottest summer there in a thousand years. But we don't have to worry about global warming, no sirrie.

  3. Bill Thomasson8/16/2010 03:49:00 PM

    Fairly comfortable here today. Heading toward 80 deg. I'm wearing long pants and at the moment don't even have the fan on.

    Looking at Chicago's weather this summer, it's not that temperatures have been particularly high but that they've been consistently high. Usually we have temperatures that may reach the upper 80s or lower 90s for a couple of weeks, then the weather breaks and we're back to highs in the 70s. This year, after a surprisingly cool and rainy June, it has been almost consistently hot through July and August. AND more rain than usual: We're still mowing the lawn regularly. Usually it would be brown and dry by mid-July or early August at latest.

  4. Looking pretty dark out there. It must be getting ready to rain.

    Got a song from the CD recorded in a suitable format and saved in Windows Movie Maker...without any help from anyone. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, think I'll do the other song I was thinking about. Fortunately, there are two photographs in the CD insert, so that will work out well.

    Meant to ask Dad last night to work on my scanner, but we got involved in watching Keeping Up Appearances and I forgot. He's been working hard the past several days, glazing and painting windows - *big* windows - so I don't want to ask him to do anything on a week night. It'll keep till the weekend.

  5. Warm. Muggy. Door's closed, a/c is on. *Never* used the a/c this much since it was put in ten years ago. Ugh!! Been on more than half of nearly every week since the beginning of May! Usual usage has been one or two days a YEAR.

    Have a friend on the Jersey shore, same complaints. If the north (Vermont) and the beach (NJ) and the mountains (WV) all have the same complaint, can the butterflies be wrong?

  6. Sometimes I amaze even myself. Three songs saved from CD to Movie Maker in .wav format. See, there's nothing wrong with my motivation. You've just got to give me a task I really want to perform, something totally worthwhile and satisfying. *grin*

  7. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, eh?

  8. Also. . . . when peeps from San Francisco, Oregon and British Columbia are complaining. . . .

  9. Fermi Detects 'Shocking' Surprise from Supernova's Little Cousin

  10. Fascinating! Thank you.

  11. I thought so. You're welcome.

  12. Alan ~

    I never saw the movie Contact but it looks interesting. Ordered it from Netflix; thanks.
    Ah, Alan, it's the opening scene that I was referring to, and that I think you will love most. Can't wait to hear your impressions. Jodi Foster is one of my favourite actors (though I don't watch thrillers, so haven't seen her more recent work).

    Fingers crossed that you aren't visited by Lyme disease. Back when it was new to North America neither the blood tests nor the treatments were very dependable, but presumably things have improved a lot since then. Still a VERY good thing not to have...
    P.S.: Sounds like things are about as they were...

    Hubby got the call today from the doc's office saying his Lyme test came back negative and blood tests show "no acute infection." So I guess he's going to survive. We'll see.

    How unfortunate about having to wait for your new iMac! Have fun tomorrow!

    Did some lab tests on myself this weekend, including lipid tests. For some unknown reason my cholesterol is lower than it has been in decades, and my HDL cholesterol is higher than before. Triglycerides also low. All good, for unknown reasons. Haven't lost any weight to speak of, or changed diet...
    Alan, is there any chance at all that the usual tests have changed in any way in the last 6 months? I ask because Hubby had his annual checkup last month and got the exact same surprising results for the same no-good-reasons. It does make one wonder.

    Marvelous Ally photo to go with fine news!

    "Eat, Pray, Love?" If you say so, maybe I better have a look-see when it comes out on DVD. What I have read about the plot points to potential.
    I liked it...there are many good lines and bits of wisdom...that's what I focused on. Hubby smiles and says, "It was a "chick film that lasted 2 1/2 hours!"...but he liked it too.

  13. Howard Dean is always FIRST!