Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The little crabapple we planted last Autumn made it through all the frosts


  1. Howard's first on this gorgeous Wednesday!

  2. Going through my boxes tonight, found a small (for a three or four, maybe five year old) brownie suit Halloween costume that my Grandmother made for her children. The main piece with the pants in it has a shaped tummy for a pillow. The jacket has tails, and there's a head piece that curls over. All of us wore this as children. The only pieces missing are the shoe coverings that had curled up toes. I'm planing on mending it, making new shoe covers, and giving it to my granddaughter ~~ when HER kids wear it, it'll be something that their great great great grandmother made, their great great grandfather and their great grandmother wore as children. How cool is that?

  3. That is so incredibly cool that it defies true description!!!

  4. puddle...sent you an Ally update.

    She'll have scans in NYC mid-June and they're all feeling pretty tense about those. Prayers and Vibes appreciated. Candles too. ♡

  5. 9:30am and 90 degrees ... in NW VT ... in MAY??!! Not okay!!

  6. Ally update at baby ~~

  7. We had our almost 90's in *April* and I agree this unseasonal stuff is getting scary. I also think we'd better get used to it --

  8. I'm not sure I'm getting used to THIS any time soon:

    Hubby was out on Mallett's Bay tonight in a sailing race. I was home tending our 2 year old granddaughter (not conducive to computer use) then was out at a book signing.

    I come out of the book signing and see amazing thunderheads. Hmmm.
    I stop for gas and see a spectacular lightning flash from over in the direction of the Bay.

    Got home and my phone is flashing. Never dialed that sucker so fast!

    Hubby had called 9 minutes before to let me know they got off the Bay just barely in the nick of time. So I called him back and he says that our daughter-in-law (mom of the 2 year old), knowing he was on the Bay and I was at the book signing, called and gave them the head's up that her weather radio had gone off with warnings of severe thunderstorms and 60 kt winds! THAT is why they got off the Bay when they did! She saved the whole fleet!

    Crews were still being brought ashore with lightning coming down around them! THEN I read that there is half dollar size hail LIKELY with this system! Aycarumba!

    It's moving over the house now...has quite the energy and power...awesome wind, some serious rain, fabulous lightning.

    Called Hubby back to tell him about the hail and he said they'd just lost power at the Sailing Center. I could hear fire engines screaming by. Apparently something just happened over by Bayside Park up the road from him. I suspect that when the traffic lights cut out there may have been an accident, or maybe there was a lightning strike.


    But at least it's finally cooler!!!
    Hit 92 today, was 86 at 7:15 and 76 at 8:15! Ha!

  9. Heckuva way to cool down, listener!! Glad everyone's okay. Some quick thinking by some bright peeps saved the day!!

  10. Thanks, everybody for the kind words, the encouragement and the sympathy.

    Alan, I searched and searched, but you're right that temp files don't always show up. I'll look into that, uh, avenue of inquiry.

    Bill, on going into the options just now, I found the automatic backup option turned off. God knows why, but I must have turned it off at some point. *groan* Thanks for mentioning it!

    Puddle, I don't know as it's as bad as all that. The problem seems only to be with Word and Binder, after all. Of course, those are the two programs I use most frequently... Sorry about your e-mail. *hug* I know how distressing something like that is.

    listener, you did it again! Two more lovely flower photos. Looking at them makes me feel happy and calm.

    Reading Beau Geste this week. After a slow start, I'm really enjoying it. Though I don't really want to finish it (don't want it to end), I do want to find out what happened to the sapphire.

  11. Hi, guys. Can't stay. Just wanted to stop by to let you know I'm still out here and still interested in what you have to say. I know it's late, but I'm not done for the day yet. Later.

  12. Always nice to see you, my friend. Welcome any time.

  13. Hi Susan! :wave:

  14. And there was much rejoicing!

    I found it! Curiously, there didn't seem to be any temp files at all matching "world" or "world enough." However, I did a search and found the right file, right size and date. It still wouldn't open in Word, but the right click menu offered Wordpad, so just out of curiosity I tried it. And, the file opened!!! All but the very most recent changes are there, and since the very most recent changes are obvious as I look at the file, that's all right.

    I'm one happy Mousey!!! :dance:

  15. Oops! Mouse is my dirt world name. Should have said, I'm one happy kitty! 8)

  16. Bill, I hope you have a chance to see R&D. If you do, add my hug to listener's if you would.

  17. Soooooooooo. You're playing Cat and Mouse with us, eh? And YAY on finding the file! Good advisement can be found in this place.


  18. Bill Thomasson5/26/2010 11:31:00 PM

    Cat, you've just brightened my day. Which has otherwise been -- well, not exactly bad and not exactly stressful, but --- Some work that I thought would take 2-3 hours has taken until now. It called for using specific Acrobat annotating tools, and those tools have problems so far as I'm concerned.

    So now I'm wondering how long the other work will take. If this had all gone as expected, I figured it would all easily get done before I left. Now I don't know

  19. Bill Thomasson5/26/2010 11:33:00 PM

    I don't really know any way to contact them except through here, and haven't heard from them.

    But if not this year, maybe next. I figure to be heading for Columbus every Memorial Day for the foreseeable future.

  20. Heard that Rutland, VT had a tornado warning tonight!

    So I emailed Jessica to ask if it's true and how they fared. She wrote back:

    :Yes, it suddenly got very windy with pouring rain and lightening, very close lightening! We all went down to our "tornado shelter" in the basement. There are leaves and branches strewn around the yard but I can't tell if there's any bad damage until morning. All people and pets are fine though :-) "