Friday, May 28, 2010

Greed destroys ecosystems

We haven't begun to really discuss what happens to life on this planet once the Gulf Stream is polluted by oil.


  1. Bill Thomasson5/28/2010 07:44:00 AM

    Howard is always first, whether I'm getting ready to leave town or not.

    listener ~~ I hadn't heard anything about the oil possible getting as far as the Gulf Stream. What is your source for that?

  2. ESA: Gulf oil spill reaches Loop Current
    Published: May 19, 2010 at 12:54 PM

    PARIS, May 19 (UPI) -- The European Space Agency says satellite images confirm the oil spill from last month's Gulf of Mexico oil drilling disaster has entered the Loop Current.

    The current is a powerful conveyor belt of water that flows around the gulf toward Florida.

    "With these images from space, we have visible proof that at least oil from the surface of the water has reached the current," said Bertrand Chapron at the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea. Chapron and colleague Fabrice Collard said they've combined surface roughness and current flow information with images from the ESA's Envisat satellite to monitor the proximity of the oil to the current.

    "Now that oil has entered the Loop Current, it is likely to reach Florida within six days," Chapron said, warning that since the Loop Current is a very intense, deep ocean current, its turbulent waters will accelerate the mixing of the oil and water in the coming days.

    "This might remove the oil film on the surface and prevent us from tracking it with satellites, but the pollution is likely to affect the coral reef marine ecosystem," Collard said.

    The ESA said the Loop Current joins the Gulf Stream -- the Northern Hemisphere's most important ocean-current system -- sparking fears that oil could be carried up the U.S. East Coast.

  3. WooHoo! Bright and sunny and warm in the middle. Thunder tigers prowling to the north. On radar I can see a tight hot little cell drenching the next valleys over and all the way up to town. And my laundry's going to stay right on the line, lol!

  4. The next one *didn't* miss me, but wasn't too bad either: just fringes.

  5. My sister and BIL will be here Sunday. They're coming up from TX to check out houses here. They'll be moving to OH after 25 years in TX. Must be something about that 25 year mark ... I spent 25 years in NY on LI.

    Anyway, the house is a wreck, as in piled up with kid toys from babysitting and fabric. As soon as people find out you quilt and sew for charity you become a fabric magnet. And I should, but never do, say no. So now I've got all these piles and I'm just too tired and feeling too old to scramble around and sparkle it up.

    Last summer, when everybody came, the house was pristine and quite pretty, though I say so myself. What a contrast this is going to be for them! But I just can't get it all done in time, and really don't feel like exhausting myself in the attempt.

    I really do love my family, but sometimes I just want to be alone and do what I want to do. This is one of those times.

  6. I could tell you I have some fabric I need to find a home for, but since I love you, I won't. With Rick coming in a month/six weeks I've really been feeling the need to finally get at the studio where everything's just been dropped for about five years. And I have a perfectly good attic and shed that are going unused. . . . But you're right: it IS tiring.

  7. Thanks, puddle. It *is* tiring, but just as much is the frustration from losing all my time to just create to other responsibilities. My head gets seriously messed up if I don't get in my "making stuff" time. One of the blogs I read has the tag line "My soul is fed with needle and thread", and that's true for me as well. My poor little soul is huunnnggrrry. :'(

  8. Daughter's 8th grade "completion ceremony" is next week. I guess calling it that indicates no cap and gown.

  9. Ah, Congrats Renee. . . But I'd check on the cap and gown thing ~~ I've seen fifth grade ceremonies using them. . . . Nice to see you BTW. Got the summer off? (Hopehopehope)

  10. Got it, lol! How long's your company staying?

  11. I'm wrapping up spring quarter the week after next. Will teach one class summer quarter instead of two, so we'll need to find a way to supplement that income.

    We've been getting lots of e-mails from teachers letting us know about all the end of the year events and what we're expected to bring. So if we needed to do anything special for next week's ceremony, we would have been told.

    This is the same school Daughter has been going to since kindergarten--not the same building, but the same school and community. I'm likely to cry. Which would probably be embarrassing to Daughter.

    All the more reason...

  12. You're right, daughters don't wish verklempt mamas. And tough. It's life. Part of growin' up. Just surprises me that so many mamas actually survive it. Hugz. ♥

  13. took me many years (until I had grandchildren!) to finally tell my children that I get to be who I am, even if it's inconvenient. (I didn't have the chutzpa to tell it to them in those strong words, but I have tried to get the idea across.)

  14. Thanks, puddle! ♥

  15. Hubby's Great Aunt Evelyn was still having people over in her 90's. She never cleaned house or even cooked. We all knew she couldn't climb the stairs, so we'd make our own beds. We all knew she shouldn't(and couldn't afford to) cook for a large group, so we brought our own food and cooked for her. The purpose in visiting her was getting to be in her presence. She was so greatly loved, so accepting of everyone on their own terms, a great story teller, and she even stayed up on current events, so her wisdom was always applicable and greatly desired.

    I want to be just like her when I grow up.

  16. Just wanted to tell you both that I've been checking back in, and appreciate the kind words. Just couldn't think of anything I wanted to say back.

    Need to find some happy. I was sure I had some of that around here somewhere...

  17. Pardon my absence--been workin' like a demon, shorting myself on sleep--but got the most pressing jobs taken care of, and probably get the next ones largely taken care of Sunday and Monday. Off to the Bay Area tomorrow to visit with Naomi and see the art school Spring show. She was really excited yesterday--she was being actively scouted by several companies at the school's open house, but the job she already has is better (full time with benefits vs. contract work without benefits) than most of the others on offer. Did wonders for her self-confidence, I am sure. The head of the illustration department introduced her to his east coast agent. A super networking event, and she took advantage of it. Still kind of mind-boggling...

    Now to review the past several blog threads, maybe watch an episode of Dead Like Me, and go to bed.


  18. listener--some weather you had! We had a bit more rain the other day--very, very unusual. Critters got way more than their share of the cherries again this year--thinking it might be possums because they don't seem to skitter away when frightened. Haven't actually seen them in the cherry tree, though.

    Cat!! Great news about the file recovery!

    Tornadoes in Vermont? I thought they were in Kansas and Oklahoma and places like that.