Monday, May 24, 2010

Doug Racine for Governor of Vermont!

Here's Doug Racine speaking at a House Party in my town on Sunday evening.
(Photo by Amy Shollenberger.)
That's me sitting in the chair by the door, and Hubby standing behind me.

We have been volunteering for Doug's campaign from the beginning.
Doug was Lt. Governor when Howard Dean was Governor, has been our county's
state Senator, and Chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.


  1. This thread just popped up in time for Howard and me to be first on it...

    All caught up on the blog; Hi! to everyone. I think I have time to watch one or two episodes of "Dead Like Me." Then off to the Land of Nod. TTFN!

  2. I just left "after hour" messages on the last thread. :-)

    Here's to Monday, folks! *clink!*

  3. I'll drink to that, lol! If not Monday, when?

  4. Just remembered that I have a Staff Meeting at the Library in the morning.

    Diving under the WIng!!!

  5. listener, Saturday's picture is gorgeous. I'm gonna steal it for Arty as soon as I'm awake enough to think of a poem or something to go with it. Sunday's picture is beautiful too.

    The May monthly phone meeting of the NFB Writers Division got moved from the fourth Sunday to tonight, the third Sunday, since a lot of people were going away and otherwise had stuff to do Memorial Day Weekend. It ran kind'a long tonight, because several people read. A colleague, Jim from Kansas, read on my behalf a chapter from Marooner's Haven, the chapter in which Bronte teleports himself and Emma from the party at the City Hall to the garden of his home. It was well received, though I think Jim enjoyed it more perhaps than the others. Of course, he'd had time to familiarize himself with the manuscript, and he gave me some helpful feedback. People laughed, not perhaps in all the right places, but in most of them; and nobody laughed in the wrong places. I was very pleased with how it went.

    I think "World Enough and Time" is cursed. I worked on it Thursday and Friday and it was going splendidly until, suddenly, with no warning, the computer ate it. I mean, literally *ate* it. The file simply vanished. Dad was able to perform a partial recovery, or so we thought, but all it did was make the filename visible. The file couldn't be opened. Eventually, I found a version from some six months ago, which is about half the size of the file the computer ate. I worked on it a little before and after the phone call. It's almost unbearably frustrating, going back and trying to reconstruct... And, to crown all, the file wouldn't close when I was finished. I was afraid I'd have to reboot. But, it finally closed so I could exit Word. I am not sanguine as to what I'll find upon opening the file tomorrow. I cut and pasted the text into a new document on the assumption that the previous file was corrupted. But, even with an brand spanking new file, there's a problem. But at this point I'm just totally pissed off. No bloody curse, no bloody evil spirit or what the hell ever it is is going to stop me writing this story. The more it messes around with my file and my head, the more stubboorn I become. I'm going to finish this story if it's the last thing I do!

  6. Bill Thomasson5/24/2010 10:37:00 AM

    Cat ~

    I every version of Word (or WordPerfect) I've had, you can set to program to create a backup file. Meaning that when you save, the previously saved version is not overwritten but instead is renamed as a backup file. Can be helpful when computers do computer-like things.

  7. Cat, when you rebooted today was the eaten file found? My heart was in my throat as I read what happened to your writing!! After last Summer's computer crash I am a big fan of backups.

    That's great that people laughed! And it's great that they didn't laugh in the wrong places. It's sometimes hard to find a vignette to read to folks who haven't read what came before that part. Very cool to have someone willing to read for you, too.

  8. I actually took Saturday's photo at a garden center near here.
    They have three or more nice waterfalls and the birds love it.

  9. P.S.: You and puddle are ALWAYS free to snag any photo you like. ♥

  10. Bill Thomasson5/24/2010 06:00:00 PM

    I guess it must be getting close to summer -- it's 90 today. Penny insisted I had to wear shorts "to be comfortable," but then I wore just a T-shirt up top "to be comfortable" and that didn't sit perfectly with her. When was the last time you heard the phrase, "You can't win?" --grin--

  11. Bill Thomasson5/24/2010 06:01:00 PM

    And, of course, four days from now I'll be on my way to Columbus. I wonder if I'll see anybody I know there?

  12. Wow, Bill, if you have a R&D sighting, we'd love to know!
    Perhaps you could deliver a few Hugs from the blog?

    No tie required today, though, right? LOL!
    Maybe Penny likes your legs. ;-)

  13. Cat, that's awful! I just lost an email to Rick from last night, and it's eating at me. This computer is eating entirely too many things recently is all I can say. Hugz and hugz and hugz. This might be one for a professional computer guy, maybe if it wouldn't hurt your dad's feelings. . . . But remember Seven Pillars of Wisdom was completely lost and rewritten. . . .

  14. Bill Thomasson5/24/2010 11:42:00 PM

    Like last year, I'll be going to the Marcon science fiction convention in Columbus. Not sure how much rest and relaxation, since I'll be on five panels and in between will be sitting a a table talking the people about the 2012 Worldcon in Chicago (four other people will be sharing that duty with me). But the convention is over Sunday afternoon and I don't leave until Monday morning, so there will be some down time -- not to mention the relaxing bus ride.

    If I do manage to see Renee and Demetrius -- you'll recall it didn't happen last year -- I'll certainly pass along the hugs.

    And yes, every time Penny pushes me to wear shorts, I accuse her of liking my legs. She doen't deny it, although she immediately switches to talking about "comfort."

  15. Cat--Double bummer! But oftentimes there are temporary files somewhere that can be reopened. If the file name were, say, WorldEnoughAndTime.doc, you might find it by doing a file search for World*.tmp, or World*.*.tmp
    There might even be a temporary file folder you can see and access from the word processor, but I think they usually don't show.

  16. Last year wasn't doable because I was out of town on a temp project. The less said about that experience, the better.

    I didn't even know there was a convention this week. Kid stuff and work has forced me to have pretty major tunnel vision.

    My e-mail, which can be found in the left sidebar on this blog, is ohiorenee(at)