Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's beautiful about your Tuesday?


  1. Not quite Tuesday here, but almost. Howard isn't almost first here, he IS first. So there!

    Cat--the Jack Flanders stories sound interesting, and seem vaguely familiar, but I don't think I ever heard them. The Audible price sounds OK (Amazon is too dear), but before re-activating my Audible membership (I discontinued it as an economy when indisposed last year), I will wait for your review; please advise.

    BTW, I still love the title "World Enough and Time."
    Bill--are you sure that theater wasn't actually "neverwhere?" That would of course make it very hard to find...
    Got the cherry tree in the front yard covered (a day late) to make things hard for the critters (raccoons, we believe). Set traps too--three of them, actually--and caught two possums. Cute critters; I wonder if they might fancy cherries. We let them go; the raccoon we caught last year we gave to the SPCA on their assurance that they had a nice place to release it.

    And thus to bed.

  2. Ah. Just spotted a pair of Carolina wrens (helped by the fact that one of them hit my screen, lol!) I'd thought the house wrens drove them away last year. One had the longest piece of grass in its bill, so I'm guessing that some nest building is going on. I came late to birdwatching, and will never be a great birder, but they do give me a good deal of pleasure.

  3. Bill Thomasson5/18/2010 03:11:00 PM

    Like Cat, I haven't been around much. Some of it due to a heavy schedule, some to a lack of energy (which may be related). The beuatiful part of today is that I expect to sit in front of my computer and catch up on everything I've fallen behind on. Even get started on the Hugo-nominated novel Boneshaker Although all that means I'll be skipping a trip to the North Side of Chicago to hear Our Howard's conference call.

    What casts a bit of a pall on all this is that I've just heard that a long-time member of the Disability Pride Parade Planning Committee -- I believe the only one whose involvement goes back to the very first parade -- has died. I'd call the death unexpected. She has recently had health problems in addition to her long-standing cerebral palsy, but no one expected them to be life-threatening.

  4. That's hard, Bill. I guess we don't ever get used to people dying. (And I wish they'd just *stop* doing so!)

  5. {{{ {{ { ♥ } }} }}}

  6. Thanks, Alan. Of course, I can't claim to have thought it up, only to have remembered where to steal )Is that the right kind of steal?) it from. It's Andrew Marvel:

    Had we but world enough, and time
    This coyness, lady, were no crime.

    The second line doesn't fit the mood and meaning of the story, but the first line does. It's a story about time travel, or attempted time travel.

    We had a baby possum once, briefly, before it found its way home to its mama. Yes indeed, very cute.

  7. Bill, I'm so sorry for the loss of your colleague. *hug*

  8. listener, that rose is gorgeous, so satiny soft. I can practically smell it. Thanks!