Saturday, May 22, 2010

Relax, it's Saturday...


  1. It's Saturday, so Howard Dean is First!

    Relax and enjoy a day off if you can.
    I'll be at the Salt Mine, but then I have two days off.


    (puddle, I finally answered you on the previous thread. ♥ )

  2. Thanks, listener ~~ musta missed it before. And again, congrats!

    Mz. Cat has been busy:

  3. Howard Dean has been busy too:

  4. Bill Thomasson5/22/2010 07:57:00 PM

    Went to a freelance medical writers potluck on "Surviving the Recession" today. With the l-o-n-g trip I was gone from about 9:30 to 4:30. Interesting meeting, though. Almost everyone there had seen their business drop in 2009 -- some slightly, some strongly. But almost everyone had seen it come back in the past several months. That's good news for the economy, since companies often hire freelances before they feel confident enough to make a committment to a full-time employee.

  5. Am I truly the person who began this thread with the word "Relax"?

    I got up early, was running a couple minutes late, got to the Library to find that my coworker was sick and a sub had been called in...who didn't have a key and was waiting for me outside. We opened on time and all that, but I was sooo tired today and she was so tired too, having not expected to work until about an hour beforehand. After work I took a nap then cleaned the house so that tomorrow I can have a day just for creativity. Then Hubby came home from teaching his first ever Learn to Sail class and had dinner. I weeded in the gardens and watered the flowers. We talked awhile and watched one show. Now we're winding down toward sleep.
    But it wasn't a relaxing day for the most part. And I'm still tired. Maybe with a good night's sleep tonight I'll be energetic again tomorrow. Hoping! At any rate I am very excited and looking forward to a day for painting and writing! :)

  6. That is encouraging, Bill. Thanks for mentioning it. Our home business serves "product start up" so was among the first to feel the downturn. We thought we would, therefore, be among the first to feel the upturn, but it has remained abysmal. Hubby is working three jobs right now; but the Census work is nearly done and teaching Sailing is obviously just a Summer job. So we really need work to pick up soon; thanks for the encouraging words.

  7. Ally update at baby ~~