Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Endless Summer lives on...

One thing I am doing this week to keep the Endless Summer living on
is to attend a meeting in support of Doug Racine for Governor of Vermont.
Doug was a Senator when Howard Dean was our Governor, and is the right person
to be a successor of the Dean legacy here. He has been Chair of the Senate Health Committee.
He is quiet and strong and the best candidate to debate the Republican challenger.


  1. donna in evanston5/20/2010 09:26:00 AM

    Happy Thursday y'all. I'm enjoying my new place although I am still settling in. That and the salt mine are taking up much of my time. Thankful will be coming over for dinner later (carry-out. Who has time to cook?)

    Had breakfast on the balcony this morning. Life is good. 8-)

    Off to mine the Thursday salt.

  2. = ♥ Hugs to you and Thankful, donna! ♥ =

    I'll be mining some Thursday salt too. Then I'm off to NH for an overnight and two meetings!
    Back tomorrow night. I'm very tired but happy to have gotten a LOT done this week...lots of
    loose ends tied up. Yayyyy!

    No new Ally news since the last time. I guess she's just being a child this week. ♡

  3. How lovely to be able to think of Ally as just a child. . . . sweet one at that!

  4. Gorgeous day here: 75º and sunny. Didn't make it to Harrisonburg as Thankful and I talked till sun was coming up. Good talk, though. Then I dropped into bed, and no getting up in time to get to Virginia.

    Hoping Donna's having a grand time wit' da gurl tonight. I'm expecting a report, eh?

  5. Bill Thomasson5/20/2010 10:51:00 PM

    Today was warm enough to eat on the porch, but cloudy. Rain started just after Penny and I got back from the grocery store (when I don't have work I sometimes go with her to help carry things home). This was the first time I'd ever been to this particular store. Penny tells me it used to be a fruit and vegetable store but they moved into a much larger building several months ago. One side has all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, then you go around a corner and there's a whole 'nother store with everything you might look for in a full-service grocery.

  6. Sounds like *someone's* doing okay in this economy, Bill!