Friday, February 09, 2007


Late last night I finally found out what the "Amnesty Day" was that Maryscott O'Connor of My Left Wing was talking about in this post. Jon Swift explains it here. Apparently, first Atrios/Eschaton declared "Amnesty Day" (you can find Atrios' own words via the Swift link, 'cause I ain't linking to him) and then Markos decided, "What a great idea, I'm gonna do that too!" Both "big time" bloggers dumped their entire blogrolls and then re-added those blogs they considered "worthy". Yep, rather Orwellian use of the word "amnesty". But here's what I wanted to emphasize before heading out to work...

From skippy:

so, in spite of the protestations that it's "nothing personal," it's quite literally the opposite: you cut a blog from your roll, you are stating to your readers that you don't find that blog of any value. that cut blog is no longer your peer.

you may say it doesn't mean that, but actions (and linkage) speak louder than words.
any blog that has linked to skippy and has not received a reciprocal blogroll link will now be included on our roll! all you have to do is notify us in our comments section or email us, and we will happily include you! that will show those big shot elitists too good for the little guy blogs! ha!

and we hope to hell we have the longest blog roll in blogtopia!

and yes! we coined that phrase!

Anyway, I need to take off for work, but I recommend reading skippy's blog for more on this issue. When I get a chance, I'm going to follow skippy's lead and add more links to our blogroll. I know it doesn't remotely make up for being de-linked by the "big boys", but I'd like us little fish to do everything we can to stick together.

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