Friday, September 29, 2006

Vermont - Political Pioneers

Vermont is well know for its unique and progressive politics. We were the first state to outlaw slavery. The first to provide for a public education system. The first to give non-property owners the right to vote. The first to elect an African American to it's legislature. The first to pass Civil Unions.

And we do crazy things like vote for a Presidential candidate who is technically no longer running, and elect Independant representatives to our Federal Governement. So it should come as no suprise that we have the strongest third party in the country.

The Progressive Party was started in 1981 when Bernie Sanders' campaign for Mayor of Burlington (an election he won by 10 votes!), inspired his supporters to form a third party that they felt represented their progressive values. Although Bernie has never been a member, he is widely considered the "father" of the Progressive Party...Kind of like if supporters of a certain Presidential Candidate had formed a 3rd party...

Since 1981, the Progressive Party has held the Burlington Mayor's seat, a majority of the Burlington City Council, and various positions on City/Town Select Boards and School Boards. There are 6 Progressive State House Representatives in our legislature.

The Progressive Party pulls the entire political spectrum in Vermont to the left, brings issues that might not otherwise be discussed into the spotlight, and just generally makes politics in Vermont more intersting. We're happy to have them, as we continue to lead the nation in progressive politics.

The following endorsement was released this morning.

Democracy For Vermont is proud to announce it’s endorsement of David Zuckerman and Christopher Pearson for State House. Both are Progressives running for re-election in Chittenden 3-4, a 2 seat district.

Rep. Zuckerman has served as a State Representative for the past ten years . He has fought hard for equal rights, a livable wage, strong environmental standards, sound agricultural policy, affordable housing, reproductive rights, medical marijuana, death with dignity, fair taxation, and instant run-off voting (IRV). Contributions may be sent to Zuckerman for House, 14 Germain St., Burlington, VT 05401.

Rep. Pearson was appointed to the Legislature in April 2006 to fill the vacancy left after Rep. Bob Kiss took over as mayor of Burlington. He is committed to giving people a stronger voice in the political process, a universal single-payer health care system, election reform, campaign finance reform and tax reform. Contributions may be sent to 39 Greene Street, Burlington, VT, 05401.

Both gentlemen have voluntarily agreed to abide by contribution limits of $200 per individual. For more information about Rep. Zuckerman and Rep. Pearson please visit

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