Thursday, September 28, 2006

And the ninja cats shall show us the way

It's been a long day. In addition to teaching the three classes, I ended up being personally invconvenienced by George Bush. I knew he was doing a big ticket fundraiser for Deb Pryce. (You can donate to her Democratic opponent, Mary Jo Kilroy, through our Act Blue page.) But I had no idear that I was going to be blocked from exiting the freeway onto the road I needed to take to my class. But as I came up to my exit, I was met with police cars and road flares.

I'd forgotten about Bush being in town, so I just figured that there was construction or something. I slowed down to see if all of the exit was blocked, or if, as is sometimes the case, they were narrowing it to one lane or something. Or, if the exit was completely blocked, I should think there would be a "detour" sign or something. I tried to ask. Mr. Police Officer immediately went into authoritarian, gruff mode and told me I needed to move on. Yes but--where? How do I get back to *this street* which is where I need to go. He said a couple more unhelpful thing in his Mr. Angry Bossy Police Officer voice while I just tried to ask, "How do I get *there*, to that street, where I need to get to *work*?" It was at this point that he yelled at me, "The president's in town! We have to keep that street clear."

This is pretty much emblematic of Bush and what he stands for, isn't it? Benefitting the select few while screwing things up for the teeming masses.

Coming home to read about the Democrats voting for torture, as well as the latest from the religious right, well, no thanks. Don't feel like dealing with it. I've had enough of politics at this moment. I'm full up.

I don't have anything deep, or inspirational, or calming, or hopeful to offer at the moment. So I thought I'd go with bizarre...

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