Sunday, July 16, 2006

tc reports on Howard's DeanFest speech

Hi, all -

Just home from hearing Howard speak at DemFest...

He was amazing. Vintage Howard and yet somehow even more comfortable with his role and his mission than he ever was. He was relaxed, confident, serious and funny at appropriate times, self-deprecating, and gracious in his praise of all of us and all we do...

Howard listed what the Democratic Platform would be for the next election cycle.

1 - Truth in Government
2 - Strong Defense (a REAL strong defense)
3 - Health Care for All - and yes, he did mention Costa Rica
4 - Education that really doesn't leave any children behind
5 - Jobs for America starting with suppporting devolopment of resources for energy sufficiency using renewable sources

...He was sensational.

One last memory I have of Howard's speech. Towards the end he asked us, "Do you know what Americans really want from their government?" He paused half a second and someone called out "Truth and Love!" Howard responded, "That's an interesting way to phrase it, but that's right. People want to know that their government will tell them the truth and respect them enough to care about working with all of them instead of trying to divide them."

Mind you, I'm sure I've butchered the exact wording here, but I believe I've got the sentiment right.

From Renee--thanks *so* much for the report, tc. And don't feel bad for not transcribing it. I went to the first two DeanFests *before* I had my voice recorder, and couldn't remember squat of what he said after the fact. And for the Crushies, I couldn't remember what tie he was wearing either. ;-)

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