Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fast For Peace

Crosspposted at Disabled Americans for Democracy

Code Pink has proposed a new fast for peace, starting on Independence Day.

On July 4, we will launch an historic hunger strike called TROOPS HOME FAST. While many Americans will be expressing their patriotism via barbeques and fireworks, we'll be fasting in memory of the dead and wounded, and calling for our nation to be the democracy it was created to be, not an empire. We're inviting people around the world to show their support for this open-ended fast by committing to fast for one day -- July 4 -- plus as many more days as you can handle. Please sign here to join us and encourage your friends to do the same. Together, we can bring our troops home.
I have signed up for the one-day fast. When the time comes, I may be able to do more; but, certainly, I can do that. I encourage everyone reading this to sign up for at least the one-day fast. Since Independence Day is now chiefly known as a mighty pig-out day, fasting for peace on that day sends a particularly strong message to our friends and families. Please join me and our friends at Code Pink in making this powerful gesture, this sacrifice for peace.

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