Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Grossly incompetent Secretary of State seeks promotion

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Ken Blackwell, ideologically, is about the last person I would want to see in a high level government position. Ethically, in his oversight of the 2004 election and in his response (or lack thereof) to complaints about voter disenfranchisement, he gets low marks as well. But now in addition to these known shortcomings, we have a growing body of evidence pointing to Blackwell's gross incompetence. He has *for the second time* "accidentally" released many Ohioans' Social Security numbers. Wow. I'd never have the chutzpah to ask for a promotion with that kind of track record, but Ken Blackwell, the Ohio Secretary of State who is running for governor, is doing just that.

Millions of Social Security numbers are now in the hands of people who aren't supposed to have them.

It's a big mistake leading straight back to one of the men running for Ohio Governor. The private records were mistakenly released by the Secretary of State's office.

Voter lists are crucial to political parties. They give campaign workers an efficient way to target potential supporters. The lists usually consist of the names of registered voters, their addresses, their party affiliation, and whether that person voted in the last election.

Social security numbers aren't supposed to be revealed.

But they have been because of a mistake by Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's campaign.
Read the whole story here.

More Blackwell fun...

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In other Ohio news, Ted Strickland, the Democrat who will most likely be facing off against Blackwell in November just nabbed an NRA endorsement. And Ken Blackwell didn't.

Here's a writeup of Subodh Chandra's recent appearance at a local candidate forum.

Hire Subodh Chandra as the People's Lawyer

Finally, a Democratic candidate running in a congressional primary sends out a mailer asking voters to support him over his opponent who "has been ENDORSED by the STONEWALL DEMOCRATS, who are a GAY/LESBIAN political action committee".

The blogs responded. People called his endorsers. The UAW pulled their endorsement of the guy.

Sometimes I just love the "internets".

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