Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Open Thread

I just got the DVD of the Willie Wonka remake out of the library. We have an outstanding library system here in Columbus, and just one of the things I appreciate is that if I hear a movie is "now on DVD and video", I can be sure our library system has it, and can get on the waiting list. I don't recall how long ago I got on the list for this one, but since I'm getting to see it for free, waiting is not a big deal. Our library system, like so many important resources, has felt the squeeze of the tax-cut madness that we see in the Bush administration. One of our candidates for governor has made a "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" one of the central issues in his campaign. That and *cough* "Christian* values. (I'm pretty sure Jesus had different ideas about what's important.)

Anyway, there are a lot of other great things our library system has to offer, and it is definitely worthy of support.

I'm the only one in the family who hasn't seen this remake--Demetrius saw it with the kids last summer and didn't much recommend it. So far I agree with him. I liked Gene Wilder's Willie Wonka a lot better. I saw it when it first came out as a double feature with Charlotte's Web, which--I just now discovered that a remake of *that* is in the works as well. As Demetrius will most likely say when I tell him, "We are officially out of ideas!"

Remind me to tell you later on about how I got those two movies mixed up when I saw both of them for the first time on the same day when I was little.

Just a few more quick things before I get ready to go to the gym. One, check the comments from last night to read excerpts from an article about how "bloggers ruined Sherrod Brown's month". The article is from The Other Paper, one of our local newsweeklies, but only some of their articles are available in the online edition. The cover story, available online (but they replace the stories every week, so the link won't work next week) is about the Bad Man who wants to be governor of Ohio.

Also, check out this Kos diary, by a mom asking for advice in dealing with her son's autism, and offer your insights if you have any. Or just learn from the many wonderful people who came forward to offer information and support. After this, it was good to be reminded that Daily Kos *can* be a wonderfully helpful and supportive online community.

And finally, I just loved this story and picture, but never got a chance to post it because it came out when there was so much going on in the Ohio Senate race.

Colored bull terrier claims Westminster's top prize

Rufus' selling point? His head -- perfectly shaped like an egg.

"The classic profile of a colored bull terrier," judge James Reynolds said.

Rufus was the first dog in his breed to win at the nation's most prestigious show. Handler Kathy Kirk said she was "ready to pass out" from the pressure, but her nearly 6-year-old dog that she playfully calls "Puppyhead" seemed to take it all in stride.

I was so pleased to see Rufus get his due. Bully breeds are much maligned, but it's not the dogs that are at fault.

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