Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Open Thread

A couple posts I thought you all might be interested in. First, dinazina aka Bellydancer for Dean aka the Costume Goddess has this diary at Daily Kos:

I hold Howard Dean's hand! Where's Cantwell? WA State Crabfest

Also, I wanted to point out a post entitled My Vote by Mrs. Editor at Ohio 2nd:

What are the democratic standards? How low is too low? When is enough truly enough? Paul Hackett could have been the worst candidate of all time. What happened is more significant than who it happened to. The swift-boating and the tolerance of those kinds of tactics is utterly reprehensible and to ignore this or stay silent about it is just like saying its OK and I don't mind. I don't believe the greater good will be served by disregarding this as standard practice and the price of doing business. I think my vote is worth more than that.

I don't know what the answer is, but I do believe that we need to have *some* way to clearly say "No!" to dirty campaign tactics.

And finally, in response to last night's post To Ohio Dem party executive committee: Don't endorse, Jill posted a link to her post on the topic, If Dick Celeste is telling the ODP his opinion, you should too.

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