Sunday, February 19, 2006

Larkin's graduation

Yesterday was Larkin's graduation. He has been placed with a social worker who works at a rehab care center with individuals in need of inpatient physical rehabilitation. Below, I have included Larkin's introduction that was read right before my mom presented him to her.

She plans to utilize him to help ease the adjustment of patients to the unit, and offer a temporary diversion to the shock of their situation. Not only will the dog help patients develop social, speech, and occupational skills, she hopes the dog will also be utilized by staff members as a way to relieve the stress of working in such an emotionally demanding environment.

In addition to her work in the rehab unit, she also hopes to have the dog accompany her when she volunteers at ... a hospice for the homeless who are terminally ill.

When asked what famous person her dog would be, she answered "Superman. He can leap tall tables in a single bound, and can accomplish superhuman feats. Like Superman, he has a Clark Kent side to him: kind, gentle, unobtrusive, and he looks like any other beautiful lab. But when he dons his blue cape, he is ready to fly into action at the first command."

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