Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Truth About Alito

On the DNC web site, you can see an email that was sent out by DNC Executive Director Tom McMahon about Samuel Alito. It says, in part:

Here are the facts. When Alito was nominated for his present job on the Court of Appeals, he made a pledge to the U.S. Senate that he would recuse himself from cases where he had a personal interest. On multiple occasions Alito has broken that pledge.

He broke his pledge in 1995 when he ruled on a case that involved his sister's law firm. And he broke his pledge in 2002 when he ruled on a case involving an investment firm where he had a six-figure personal investment.

Still more disturbing has been the series of shifting excuses for these serious ethical lapses. In the case of the investment firm, Alito's sponsors in the White House first claimed that a computer glitch failed to alert Judge Alito of the conflict. When that excuse began to be scrutinized, the explanation suddenly shifted, with administration officials arguing on his behalf that Alito didn't need to recuse himself after all.

Read the rest here. It includes a link to a tool you can use to write letters to the editor opposing the confirmation of Samuel Alito.

As you can see in the left sidebar here, today is Day 7 in The Twelve Days of Justice, with a focus on freedom of religion. Click the sidebar graphic or this link to read more.

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