Monday, December 19, 2005

No, Mr. Bush, it is NOT okay

I just saw this headline on CNN
Bush: Secret wiretaps will continue

Below that is another headline that reads Democrats want probe of wiretaps

It should NOT be Democrats who are pushing for that--it should be ALL AMERICANS. At this point no one should be willing to accept that Bush has a blank check to do whatever he wants because "we're at war". In that case, it would be in his interest to keep us at war forever, wouldn't it?

As a society, I think most of us think kids should be raised to respect authority, but we don't teach them to do so unquestioningly. We tell kids that their bodies are their own and no one, not even grownups, has a right to touch them in the places that their underwear or swimsuit covers. There are some things that may not be violated, even by an "important grownup", and you have a right to say no to those things, even if you're a little kid.

Letters to Washington, letters to the editor--NOW.

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