Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pudu blogging

I actually was going to post this here hours ago, but then I couldn't log into Blogger, so I posted it as a Kos diary, and also over at My Left Wing. But now that I *can* post again, I hate to leave my favorite blog pudu-less, so here you go...

Not appropos of anything in particular, but this is just freakin' adorable, and I had to share. Found on Bob Harris' blog

I know Holden started getting ponies when Bush's numbers fell under 40. But the first time Bush falls under 30, I'm suggesting pudus foreveryone.

I'd never seen one of these before, so I had to Google to find out more. Too damn cute, no? Be sure to check out the poll on the left hand side of the page.

On this page , he has more about pudus:
Pudus (actual species name: pudu pudu) are the world's tiniest deer, two-foot-tall little ungulates with big wide eyes and a body that resembles a Vienna sausage balanced on four wobbly toothpicks.

They have no natural defenses to speak of. When threatened, pudus usually try to find a log to hide behind or possibly climb.

This works about as well as it sounds like it works. Imagine a full-grown deer whose nose is at the height of your shins, peering up at you timidly and hoping you might give it a mulberry leaf to chew.

Unfortunately, pudus are as endangered as they are impossibly cute. This section is about understanding and exploring pudu customs, language, and culture, especially as they relate to the lives of other tiny creatures -- dik-diks, hyraxes, duikers, et al -- as they try to find a way to survive on a planet they don't quite seem to belong on.

Just like a lot of the rest of us.

Oh, and just so you all know, I've already snagged that pudu for my new Gravatar. Here's another one:

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