Sunday, January 19, 2020

Thank Alan for these!!


  1. From the Storm Lake Sage: The Iowa caucuses are three weeks away – and there’s no clear frontrunner [Click] Four candidates could very well get their tickets punched.

    Carbon-NEGATIVE“ concrete?! [Click]

  2. The Safe Choice Is Often the Most Dangerous [Click] Not news, it seems to me.

    K. A. Dilday: My Time With the British Aristocracy [Click] “As a black American woman married to a member of Britain’s upper class, I have caught just a glimpse of Meghan Markle’s world.” It isn’t really surprising, upon reflection, but they sound like they haven’t progressed socially much (if any) beyond junior high school.

  3. Biden calls for Sanders to disown ‘doctored’ video on Social Security [Click] It is only one of many, does not appear altered, and I suspect it is correct to say Trump will use such clips if Biden should be the Democratic nominee. Biden’s baggage train is a gold mine for opponents.

    1. Indeed it IS a gold mine! I think it is a sign of how far he has slipped that he doesn't recognize it. And I *know* Hunter is not the candidate, but his life and his actions are a virtual cesspit. The Republicans are going to rub that stink all over Joe if he's the nominee - and I hope he is not because even if he managed to win *we* will lose.

  4. One city's reparations program that could offer a blueprint for the nation [Click] “Evanston, Illinois, is levying a tax on newly legalised marijuana to fund projects benefiting African Americans in recognition of the enduring effects of slavery and the war on drugs.” It will be interesting to see how this develops.

    Cannabis compound could be weapon in fight against drug resistant bacteria [Click] This is a sample of the sort of research that has been prevented by US drug laws.

  5. Dem candidates’ farm policies [Click] Yet again, Sanders and Warren look like the two best (to me)

  6. Senators Must Keep Quiet During Trial [Click] See? If Senator Warren had followed my advice and hired her body double, she would have been able to campaign and serve as a juror simultaneously!