Monday, September 16, 2019

Sleepy Cat on Chair


  1. I'm eager to hear from puddle.

    How's Tanner today?

    Note on the last thread, dear woman. Love you. ✨💙✨


  2. Megan

    PICU day 6
    Days on the vent: 5
    # of people at rounds: 18

    Lungs seem slightly better.
    Kidneys are holding their own, dialysis is on hold for another day
    Heart is holding its own
    Starting feeds through the NG at 10 ml an hour and watching to see if his kidneys tolerate it.

    Today is a day of keep Tanner sleeping and comfortable. Continue to support his systems and see if his body starts to heal.
    8 hrs

    1. Sincerely hoping for the best, puddle.

    2. At least mildly positive news. Hope it continues and accelerates.

    3. Where there's life, there's hope.

      He's doing better than yesterday. That's worth a lot.

      With. you. every. day.

  3. Replies
    1. I am completely disgusted with the Democrats. They are killing us with their cowardice and their calculations. I am really, really angry with Nancy Pelosi because she has refused to hold impeachment hearings every time it would have been justified since 2006. I'm feel she thinks that an impeachment hearing would make it harder for Democrats to get elected, but I think by "not rocking the boat" she's making ALL Democrats look like weak ineffective COWARDS. I think that will HURT chances at Democratic elections. She can sling snappy retorts at Moscow Mitch all she wants, but she's not stopping him.

  4. I feel so horrible for both Megan and Tanner. Such a hard time to go through and no material way to help.

  5. This is being made worse for me as it's the 13 year anniversary of Edwin's stay in a Fort Worth hospital. In pretty mucvh the same situation.


  6. Megan

    Tanner is comfortable tonight. I’m beyond grateful for that. He’s had a stable day.
    Goodnight my friends ❤️