Monday, October 08, 2018

29: Hang in There

Today is the last day to Register to Vote in:


  1. Listener--I got the poetry transfer to my painting (on Bristol paper) figured out. Inkjet print on tracing paper, put rubber cement on both sides, allow to dry and affix, rub off extra rubber cement. Allow to dry (I left it for 24 hrs, but that is probably not necessary), and the ink doesn't smear with at least moderate rubbing; I suspect the rubber cement soaks through and fixes the ink from behind. I anticipate feathering a bit of the white acrylic paint over the edge of the tracing paper to obscure the transition.

    In the Sunday Fresno Bee, Nunes gets hammered:

    For the good of the 22nd District and the nation, the choice is clear: Andrew Janz [Click] Fresno Bee Editorial Board

    Like Joe McCarthy, Nunes is just another propagandist (print headline) [Click]

    Nunes buried evidence on Russian meddling to protect Trump. I know because I’m on the committee [Click]


    1. Oooooh, I like that feathering idea, Alan!

      If you ever feel ready to share one of your designs, send me a photo and I'll post it...!

  2. I was reading the story about the stretch limo crash in NY State, and it called to mind the stretch limo fire on the San Mateo Bridge near San Francisco several years ago. Both were post-factory conversions, so not built to the same safety standards as the factory-built ones. That certainly points to logical changes in the law or regulations.


    1. I saw that headline but couldn't bear to read the story. There's enough trouble and sorrow in the world without people going out of their way to create more. It was a wedding party, wasn't it? Just terrible!

    2. No, it was a group of friends headed out to celebrate the birthday of one of them. The birthday girl (30) and her spouse (29) were married this past Summer, and it was they who hired the limo. Very sad indeed.

    3. It sounded to me like the brakes failed, but we'll see what the investigation turns up.

  3. Finally reading the article Alan posted several days ago about the search for the quote unquote ninth planet.

    The researchers think there could be thousands of small bodies like 2015 TG387 at the edge of the solar system.

    Uh, yeah. Ever heard of the Kuyper Belt and the Oort Cloud?

    Idiots! One of the discoverers of this new object, fellow name of Brown, was one of those who pushed through Pluto's demotion. So he's suspect in my book right away. And, like I said, we've known for decades that there are great reservoirs of objects around the outer reaches of the solar system. These guys have just found a fair sized rock on a beach that contains thousands or hundreds of thousands of such rocks. Sorry, but I'm not impressed.

    1. The point isn't this presumptive dwarf planet*, but its orbit. The orbit strongly suggests it has been perturbed by a massive object yet to be discovered. Identifying that massive object, when it occurs, will be the big deal, so to that extent you are right. *(They haven't, and currently can't, show that it actually has a differentiated mantle and core; they only know that it seems to be about the right size.)

      But I don't understand this emotional attachment to Pluto while ignoring Ceres. Does the fact Ceres is named for a female mean it is inherently unimportant?

  4. Bill— Re Ceres vs. Pluto:

    For one thing, when we were growing up, Ceres was classified as an asteroid, and Pluto as a planet. Ceres has gone through multiple designations and redesignations; for an exhaustive exposition, vide Wikipedia. And there is no reason it can't be a dwarf planet (the definition of which has not been constant) AND at the same time an asteroid! I guess the favoritism for Pluto is a matter of old times' sake. We were taught that Ceres is an asteroid and Pluto is a planet, and by gum that's the way it ought to be!

    And slightly off topic, I understand that the old theory that there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter that was torn apart to form the asteroid belt is no longer considered credible, but I don't know what the current theory of the asteroids' formation might be. I had better go to Wikipedia and find out.

    Cory Booker’s Four Standing Ovations in Des Moines [Click] Well, that does sound good.