Monday, October 09, 2017

Camel's Hump Mountain


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    1. Re the second link: My understanding is that the UK got an early start on helping the British Virgin Islands. If that's so, then the US's neglect would seem all the more stark.

  2. Suddenly I'm having a wild week! I got called in for Grammie duty when my DIL got sick (sinus infection) just as my son was leaving on a business trip. So today and tomorrow I am busy in the sweetest and most exhausting way! Wednesday I drive 1.5 hrs (each way) for two guidance meetings, and on the way back I stop at Root*Center*Son's house to help him put some gardens to bed for winter. Thursday I have a guidance meeting here at home in the afternoon...and will FINALLY get to talk with puddle! Friday I drive almost an hour (each way) for three guidance meetings. I should be pretty crispy by Saturday. I have no idear when I'm going to get classwork done. Ha! At least the theme this week is on Humility: Embracing Your Imperfections and Limitations. I can't decide if it's Poetically Perfect or Yugely Ironic! 😜