Sunday, August 06, 2017

Uncle Gus' Violin (from the Coates Island visit)


  1. Somehow "Uncle Gus' Stein" just cracks me up. I don't know why.

    I'm almost finished ripping out the carpet in the room my brother had. I think it's going to take me another day. It's an especially smelly filthy carpet.

    1. Spot on, Susan. Did you double click on the "Uncle Gus' Stein" photo and read the fine print? Apparently Uncle Gus was known for playing the violin after he emptied his stein! LOL! And given the size of the stein next to the violin...

  2. Not much going on here. Slowly getting caught up on all the things I fell behind on.

  3. Wow. I knew absolutely nothing about Game of Thrones, but now I know that the seasons in the story are chaotic and unpredictable. Crazy!

  4. VT*Grandson (age 4) went sailing for the first time on Sunday, with his Dad (our Youngest) and his Grandad (Mah*Sweetie). It was blowing about 15mph, so there were some whitecaps and they had to reef the sail. And that little chap had a fabulous time!! He was laughing and enjoying it tremendously. The photos are adorable!! Well over an hour later, when his Daddy asked if he was ready to go back to land, Grandson replied, "Yah, I'm getting tired of being scared." LOL!! But, oh, he's a natural! They'll have him racing before you know it.