Saturday, July 01, 2017

Welcome, July!


  1. I'm going to see about learning to draw; after incubating my fears, embarrassments and inhibitions about it for nearly sixty years, I am not starting from zero--I am starting in a considerable psychological hole. Wasted a bit of money on a largely useless "drawing for absolute beginners" type book, but have now ordered How to Draw What You See [Click], in print since 1970, lots of good reviews, and it starts from how to draw a straight line (which is about my speed). (Checked it out at Amazon and purchased at again, Susan!) My ultimate ambition would be to manage something vaguely reminiscent of this [Click and scroll down]


  2. Replies
    1. Yes, he needs to go and the sooner the better.


    "The 71-year-old president’s pathological inability to let go of slights; his strongman reflex to be the aggressor and bite back like a cornered animal, without regard for societal norms; his lack of self-awareness about the power he commands and the proportionality of his responses; his grotesque hunger for flattery and taste for Tony Soprano tactics; his Pravda partnership with David Pecker, the head honcho at The National Enquirer, which has been giving Trump the Il Duce treatment while sliming his political opponents, the “Morning Joe” anchors and Megyn Kelly — these are all matters that should alarm men and women equally.

    Trump has moved his shallow kiddie wading pool of gossip and ridicule from Trump Tower to the White House, where it is so outlandishly out of place that it often feels like we have a Page Six reporter as our president.

    Trump is isolated in the White House, out of his milieu, unable to shape the story, forced to interact with people he doesn’t own. Even the staffers folding his clothes aren’t on his payroll."