Wednesday, June 28, 2017

White Roses on the Porch



    Trump knows very little about very little. It’s a wonder he’s been able to ascend so high despite the burden of such crushing ignorance, but it just goes to show how far an oversized, small-million-dollar-loan, silver spoon can catapult you in life.

    One need not look any further than Trump’s constant attacks on Obamacare – perpetually lacking any detailed criticism or working knowledge of how the Affordable Care Act actually functions – to see the risks of such a blatant ignoramus pushing public policy. He doesn’t understand what’s he’s doing, or even what he’s trying to do. His only interest is in riling up his base with soundbites.

  2. When it comes to mysteries I prefer "real books" to Kindle. Because I'm the person who *has* to know who the bad guy is and I can't turn to the back to find out as easily on a Kindle as I can on a paper book.

    1. I don't know about the Kindle device, but on Kindle for PC flipping to the end is the easiest thing in the world.

  3. For serious reading, which requires frequent re-reading, Kindle is clearly inferior to paper IMO.


  4. I leave tomorrow for Libertycon in Chattanooga, followed immediately by NorthAmeriCon '17 (the North American SF convention) in San Juan PR. Then when I get back I have to immediately plunge into a grant application with a very tight deadline. I may not be around much until the end of August.

  5. Bill, surely you need a break every now and again? In any case, traveling mercies!