Monday, May 08, 2017

Serviceberry, like Lace


  1. Not being familiar with serviceberry, I looked it up on Wikipedia. It seems there is one species native to California, but its range just barely extends into the northwesternmost corner of the state.

    The following seems to me a very well-put opinion piece.—Alan

    The Democrats' Davos ideology won't win back the midwest[Click]
    “The party has harmed millions of their own former constituents. If they change course, they can reverse their losses.” —Thomas Frank

    1. I am a Midwesterner, of course. Although Chicago, like Pittsburgh, has reoriented itself from manufacturing center to financial center and there has been no net loss of jobs, I need look only 30 miles southeast to Gary -- still part of the Chicago metro region. The Gary of 40 years ago simply no longer exists. in many ways this goes back to Ronald Reagan's union-busting success. Clinton, of course, started from the assumption that he was operating in a Reaganesque era and had to make the best of it. Obama tried to change things, but aside from teh Affordable Care Act was hampered by Republican opposition. And even he took the demise of strong unions as a given.

      Talk about a revived manufacturing economy strikes me as a call to return to an unobtainable past. The '60s will never come again (nor, I might add, had they existed before). Are unions the answer? And if not, could work-from-home cut through the idea that jobs are tied to specific localities? Or are jobs not the answer at all? Democrats do need to be thinking about these things.

  2. The name, service-berry, because bloom time (just prior to dogwood) coincided with the thawing of the ground that allowed Services to be performed for those who'd died when the ground was too hard to dig.