Saturday, May 13, 2017

May's Full Moon is the Flower Moon


  1. Hi! It seems I was not the only one busy yesterday...

    Nice weather today, a little cool and possibility of showers later in the week. My left leg is a bit crippled up, probably in no small degree from neglecting my stretching exercises; but it will improve. Had some lab tests for a Monday physical, and everything was disgustingly normal--except for a cholesterol in the range of a vegetarian because of the generic Lipitor my doctor put me on (no noticeable side effects). I realized a couple of days ago that I don't have the deep fatigue I lived with for about 24 years because of working such long and abnormal hours; it is VERY nice.


  2. Sort of skimming over the gory details. My youngest brother is disabled and has lived with me and son #2 for the last 15 years. But he is an extreme hoarder - just like the ones you see on the TV show. I finally had to ask him to get his own place because of the stench and other reasons. He has extreme COPD and Son#2 and I have had to do the bulk of the moving and cleaning up. We have moved furniture and boxes he packed.

    And there is ongoing and massive cleanup of the space he occupied. The whole carpet will have to be removed. We are still not done with the moving and the cleaning and I have just been worked like a draft horse.

    He is in an apartment now and every day he says he'll come over and do more packing, but he only comes about every other time.

    My mother died in 1998 on Valentine's Day and I promised her on her deathbed that I would watch out for him. Shortly after I promised that she passed away. I think it relieved her mind because she was, of course, worried about him.

    I have provided him with a car and I have done the best I could for as long as I could. None of my other siblings will have him. I just can't do it any more. I'm 73 and I would like to not feel like a prisoner for at least the end of my life.

    And there are other issues than his hoarding, but they are not issues I care to put online.

    So, between the carrying on with my brother and the constant stress of Emperor Baby Fists my anxiety tank is kind of full up, and I'm working on taking care of myself first.

  3. Oh, my. Do take care of yourself, Susan--caregivers need care too. And there IS a limit to what ANYONE can do. Babyfists can find his way to the padded cell without our assistance--not that we wouldn't like to grease his skids...