Friday, May 26, 2017

Jack's Back!

Jack-in-the-Pulpit, freshly sprouted!


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    listener— thinking about your young ‘un needing furniture for the new abode reminds me of a former coworker who needed a kitchen table and chairs when she rented an apartment, and took care of it at a furniture rental store. Several years later she got a letter from the rental store saying no more rental payments, she owned it now. She said that if she had realized it was rent-to-own, she wouldn’t have gotten such a dumpy one!


    1. LOL! Of course, when renting you pretty much pay for it three times over.

      He's getting furniture delivered...beginning today! Whoo hoo!

      But the rental truck place called and said the national place shouldn't have reserved a truck for us because they don't have any! Argh!! They are, though, going to call as soon as one comes back. Hoping it's before the dump closes tomorrow!!!

  2. We're doing late night grandchild care and no one has even woken up! Ha! All too easy.

  3. I offered two guidance meetings earlier Friday, with travel to and from, then dinner, then childcare. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day to move Son into his new home, but there's a glitch...they might not have a truck for us after all! We'll find out in the morning. Heh.

  4. PhD*Son is in Alaska...Anchorage, so far, soon to head up to the land with no night, above the Arctic Circle.